Best Grilling Pellets Summer Sale 6/27 to 7/3

Are you grilling this summer? Do you want your grilling to be better than ever before? Summer is all about sharing good times and good food with friends and family. We know that you want to be able to cook tremendous grilled dishes for you and yours, yes, but we also don’t believe you should have to dig into your vacation funds to do it. That’s just one of the reasons we’re offering a summer sale on some of our best grilling pellets. 

From 6/27 through 7/3, we’re offering great deals on some of our most popular pellets. That way, you can enjoy your grilling for less. 


What’s on Sale

Everyone has their own grilling preferences, so we’re offering a variety of pellets to suit all tastes. Here’s what’s on sale:

  • Almond Wood Pellets: These provide a mild, nutty flavor that enhances any dish.
  • Plum Wood Pellets: For a sweet and distinctive smoke profile, perfect for grilling any type of meat.
  • Almond Cabernet Wine Pellets: A unique blend that adds a hint of decadence to your BBQ, taking your grilling to the next level.
  • Plummond Blend Pellets: An artisan-crafted mix of Almond and Plum woods, previously reserved for competitions, now available for your home grill. This blend offers the perfect balance of sweetness and mild nuttiness.

More In-Depth About What’s on Sale 

We know that folks have different tastes when it comes to their pellet grilling. As such, we wanted to offer a sale on as many of our grilling pellets as possible. So, you’ll be able to get our Almond Wood Pellets. These have that mild yet distinct nutty flavor that can elevate just about any dish. 

Of course, when it comes to sweetness in your grilling, you may be looking for a bit more. That’s where our Plum Wood Pellets can help. These combine a smoke profile that’s utterly distinctive with the sweetness of plum. If you’re grilling meat of any kind, then these plum pellets are absolutely perfect for them. 

Maybe you like the Almond pellet, but you’re looking to bring in a hint of something different, something a bit more decadent. We hear you. That’s what led us to create the “Almond Cabernet Wine” pellets. These are a genuine twist on BBQ, the kind of pellet that can provide a genuinely next-level grilling experience.

That having been said, there are “next-level grilling experiences,” and then there is the apex grilling experience. We also offer for sale, an artisan-crafted blend that has previously been used exclusively for competition. It’s called “Plummond,” which expertly mixes our Almond and Plum wood. So, it’s the perfect balance of Plum’s sweet and Almond’s mild nuttiness. While this was made for competition, it’s just as great for your home grill, too. 


More Than Just the Best Grilling Pellets – 4th of July Recipes, Too 

For the best summer grilling, sure, you need top level grilling pellets, you bet. However, beyond that, you’re also going to want to make the best recipes, too. We’ve got plenty at our site that can make any summer day that much better (and they’re great in the winter and fall, too). 


Poppers Before Fireworks 

Depending on what they’re called in your area, you may remember “poppers,” those small fireworks that are legal in just about any state. If you want something a bit more festive (and certainly more delicious) for the holiday, we’ve got a Jalapeno Poppers recipe. What’s the secret to this recipe (other than just the grilling pellets?) Cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and bacon (as well as, of course, Knotty Rub) make for a popper that will help just about any gathering to “pop off.”


Hot Wings Smooth as Honey 

Are you looking for hot wings that have some sweetness to them and aren’t just hot? That said, do you want to use your pellet grill to make hot wings that really are “hot?” If so, have we got a recipe for you. Our “Hot Honey Wings” recipe provides the best of all worlds there. 

For starters, while many of our recipes can best be enjoyed with any of our pellets, for these particular wings, we do recommend that you use the Plummond Competition Blend pellets. That has the flavor profile that really can elevate these wings (at the risk of a pun).  

Beyond that, our honey can help these wings to be what they should be, especially when you use the right amounts of quality curry, cayenne powder, black pepper, white vinegar, and of course, Knotty Rub. 


Pork Sliders to Slide On Into the Night 

The pork slider is one of those genuinely perfect 4th of July foods. You may not want a burger, you may just want something less filling. Additionally, if you want to eat more, since they’re sliders, you can have another. 

These pork sliders in our recipes are best paired with the Plum wood pellets. We always look to offer as much as possible, we also provide a recipe here for the glaze as well. 


Best Grilling Pellets All Year Long 

The pellets above are on sale from the 27th through the 3rd and those recipes are great for the 4th of July. However, it’s not like there’s a day of the year when jalapeno poppers, honey hot wings, and pork sliders will be anything other than delicious. Our pellets can make your grilling better all year long. 

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