The Pros Agree: Nothing Like a Barbecue Pellet Grill

barbecue pellet grill

Have you been on the fence about getting a barbecue pellet grill and aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Do you find yourself asking your friends and family if getting one is the right decision but you still feel unsure? That’s understandable. These grills are an investment. As such, you’ll find more and more mainstream outlets are discovering what all they can do for themselves. Case in point: CNN. Recently, we found this article from “CNN Underscored” about which grills work best. We were quite pleased by what they had to say about pellet grills. 

What (CNN) Loves About Pellet Grills 

We aren’t sure that we’d describe pellet grilling as “nerdy, high-precision cooking,” but we certainly agree with the “high-precision part.” To make these grills more palatable for the uninitiated, they described them as: “pellet grills function like pellet stoves.” Of course, they found what so many others have found: you can cook practically anything to perfection on a pellet grill. CN cooked “pork shoulders, chicken thighs, moonballs (bacon-wrapped meatballs), shrimp, stuffed jalapeno poppers, pastrami wrapped hot dogs and all kinds of vegetables.

Even “What They Didn’t Like” is a Strength 

Of course, this being a comparison article, CNN has to put in some things they didn’t like about the pellet grill. But, what’s interesting to us about that section is that many of the things they listed under “what we don’t like about pellet grills” can actually be thought of as a strength. For example, there’s the sentence “and though we didn’t see the ‘crust’ on meats that you would see with a charcoal or gas grill, the computer temperature control ensured that we never overcooked anything.” While it is true that you can’t always get a crust on meats like you can through charcoal or gas, it is positive to note that they never overcooked anything while using a pellet grill.

Good Advice About Grills 

Moreover, some of the so-called “negative” things that CNN had to say about these grills were actually just solid advice. For example, they included: “since pellet grills are electric, you’ll need a weatherproof electrical outlet wherever you want to grill.” Yes, that’s a good point. Also, “pellet grills do require periodic cleaning to prevent malfunction, which requires cleaning the grease trap, emptying out the pellet hopper, and removing residual sawdust,” etc. You should do that with your grill for maximum performance, yes. 

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Power Your Barbecue Pellet Grill Right 

Speaking of the word “sawdust,” that’s interesting to us, because we know that, unfortunately, too many of our competitors put that into their wood grilling pellets. No, really. It’s true. They use it as a filler, a way to cut corners, a way to save money. We do not do that at Knotty Wood. Instead, we make sure to use only the best ingredients in our pellets. To try them for yourself, you can order them online through Home Depot’s site.

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