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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Both of our pellets pair well with all proteins, vegetables and even desserts! If you like a more mild smoke you would want to use Almond as our Plum pellets give a more sweet, smokey flavor profile. We here at Knotty Wood like to use a 50/50 blend, and it is very popular with our customers as well. Check out our recipes page for inspiration!
      Our Almond Pellets are 100% pure Almond Wood, so we recommend checking with your doctor.
      99% +
      Our pellets are different from the rest because we use the whole tree including the bark where the flavor is at. We personally oversee the entire production from ripping the trees from the orchards, grinding them down and producing the pellets in our own state of the art mill. We use no fillers or artificial woods and no vegetable oils in our pellets.
      Yes it is. Our rub contains no gluten.
      We would love to have our products in your store! Please email smokeit@knottywoodbbq.com with your information and Amy will email a credit application and price list.
      Absolutely!! Our pellets burn great on all smokers.
      Because we don’t use any oils or additives, our pellets don’t go rancid. However, we recommend keeping them in an airtight container to avoid moisture contact. We recommend a 5 gallon bucket with a seal tight lid!
      Did you clean your auger? Our pellets burn so hot that if too much dust is left in there it can cause a burn out? Did you check the diffuser plate to see if any of the fat got down below the fire pot? Some meats are fattier than others and drip a lot. If you have any further questions, email: smokeit@knottywoodbbq.com
      This clinker is from the bark of the tree and the knots in the wood. The knots are where all the minerals collect, and bark is where the fugitive dust collects. When burned, the dust mixes with the minerals and crystallizes with the dust to form the clinker. Not a big deal, but rather the tradeoff for stick burner quality BBQ pellets. At Knotty Wood our goal is to make pellets that are stick burner quality. We recommend frequently cleaning your fire pot as this will help to prevent clinker from forming. clinker
      Stick burners do not take the bark off because the bark is where the flavor is. 99 percent of pellet companies strip the bark to use as fuel to run the production mills. Knotty Wood built a custom mill that allows us to pelletize the whole tree, including the bark!
      Currently we offer Plum and Almond Wood BBQ Pellets. We are working on an all new flavor that the industry has never seen. We plan on releasing this new flavor sometime this year! Sign up on our email list if to be the first to know about new products and special promotions.
      Home Depot and Lowe’s.
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