Support our Vets

Pellets That Pay It Forward Program

From the very beginning, and an important part of who we are, we have been committed to supporting Veterans and their families. When we started Knotty Wood BBQ Company, we wanted to incorporate a way to give back, so we started The Pellets That Pay It Forward Program. A portion of every bag of pellets that you purchase goes to organizations that support these service men and women who have given so much to their country and who continue to make our freedom possible every day. We thank you for your purchase and support!

Make a Donation

Your donation helps support Veteran Reunions that we host here at our ranch. Veterans fly in from all over the country to reunite with their squad brothers. This is healing, as these Veterans can re-connect with the understanding of what they have all have been through. Thank you for helping make these possible!

“There is so much healing that comes out of these retreats, you can literally see it in their eyes and their body language. Thank you for supporting the Pellets That Pay It Forward Program, it truly is a lifechanging program.”

-Alex Jauregui

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