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We locally source orchard wood from local farmers then carefully execute every step of the process. That means premium quality barbecue products, guaranteed

Designed for all pellet smokers and grills.

Sweet & Smokey!

plum wood classic

Classic Plum

100% Pure Plum Wood Barbecue Pellets-20lbs

100% Pure Plum Wood BBQ pellets from the orchards in California’s Central Valley offer a rare opportunity to grill with a unique flavor that you cannot find in ANY other pellet. Plum Wood pellets give off a wonderful balance of plum sweetness coupled with a distinct smoke profile. Plum Wood is perfect for all meats and proteins.

Classic Taste

almond wood classic

Classic Almond

100% Pure Almond Wood Barbecue Pellets-20lbs

Crafted for the Grillmaster in all of us. Experience Almond Wood for yourself, with the FIRST and ONLY Almond Wood pellets available anywhere. Discover all that these incredible Almond Wood pellets can bring to your favorite BBQ and backyard recipes.

knotty rub

Knotty Rub Always a happy ending

Shop for Knotty Rub
The Knotty Wood Difference
Named the ‘Super Premium Pellet’ as reviewed by Mad Scientist BBQ ‘Stick Burner’ Quality Pellets We use the whole tree including the bark, that’s where the heat and the flavor is Full Chain of Custody – From Field to BBQ -Ensures quality & availability of our product No fillers, no additives, no binders in our pellets We test for over 500 chemicals – Our pellets are food safe for human consumption Philanthropic giving for our Veteran Community through the Pellets That Pay It Forward Program
youtube The Knotty Wood Difference

Watch Alex Jauregui’s Story

Pellets that pay it forward

Here at Knotty Wood Barbecue Company, we are committed to supporting our Veterans and their families, honoring their service and sacrifice. A portion of each and every bag that you buy goes to support these service men and women who have given so much to their country and who continue to make our freedom possible every day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Both of our pellets pair well with all proteins, vegetables and even desserts! If you like a more mild smoke you would want to use Almond as our Plum pellets give a more sweet, smokey flavor profile. We here at Knotty Wood like to use a 50/50 blend, and it is very popular with our customers as well. Check out our recipes page for inspiration!
Our Almond Pellets are 100% pure Almond Wood, so we recommend checking with your doctor.
99% +
Our pellets are different from the rest because we use the whole tree including the bark where the flavor is at. We personally oversee the entire production from ripping the trees from the orchards, grinding them down and producing the pellets in our own state of the art mill. We use no fillers or artificial woods and no vegetable oils in our pellets.
Yes it is. Our rub contains no gluten.
We would love to have our products in your store! Please email smokeit@knottywoodbbq.com with your information and Amy will email a credit application and price list.
Absolutely!! Our pellets burn great on all smokers.
Because we don’t use any oils or additives, our pellets don’t go rancid. However, we recommend keeping them in an airtight container to avoid moisture contact. We recommend a 5 gallon bucket with a seal tight lid!
Did you clean your auger? Our pellets burn so hot that if too much dust is left in there it can cause a burn out? Did you check the diffuser plate to see if any of the fat got down below the fire pot? Some meats are fattier than others and drip a lot. If you have any further questions, email: smokeit@knottywoodbbq.com
This clinker is from the bark of the tree and the knots in the wood. The knots are where all the minerals collect, and bark is where the fugitive dust collects. When burned, the dust mixes with the minerals and crystallizes with the dust to form the clinker. Not a big deal, but rather the tradeoff for stick burner quality BBQ pellets. At Knotty Wood our goal is to make pellets that are stick burner quality. We recommend frequently cleaning your fire pot as this will help to prevent clinker from forming. clinker
Stick burners do not take the bark off because the bark is where the flavor is. 99 percent of pellet companies strip the bark to use as fuel to run the production mills. Knotty Wood built a custom mill that allows us to pelletize the whole tree, including the bark!
Currently we offer Plum and Almond Wood BBQ Pellets. We are working on an all new flavor that the industry has never seen. We plan on releasing this new flavor sometime this year! Sign up on our email list if to be the first to know about new products and special promotions.
Home Depot and Lowe’s.




I’ve had my RecTec 680 pellet smoker since Xmas of 2016 and I must say your pellets are the very best! After watching Jeremy aka Mad Scientist collab video with you over a week ago I ordered 2 bags each from Lowes. I mixed/blended the Almond & Plum together for a cook the other day, of course I had to do a brisket. We had family over, some that have pellet cookers as well, and everyone agreed this was the best brisket any of us had done! I just want to say thanks for making such a great product, and as a Veteran I say big thanks for your Pay it Forward support!! You have a new customer for as long as you keep making these awesome pellets. BTW I can’t wait for the wine infused pellets to hit the market!



Jeff Loffert Wasilla, AK

Just tried my first few cooks on a bag of your Almond pellets, and very impressed! Great flavor and smoke, and for grilling, they really crank out the heat in my MAK pellet grill. Look forward to trying the Plum as well.Also really like what you’re doing for the veteran community, thanks.Regards,

Jeff Loffert Wasilla, AK


Joey Cecchini

Last night, I used the Plum Wood Pellets that were given to us last Saturday at your ranch.When my wife & daughter came home both of them remarked ” what smells so good”.Now I’ve smoked many hundreds of Tri-Tips on my old Traeger and it’s been years since they made a comment on the smell from the smoker, in fact my next door neighbor even came over to see what I was cooking, he also commented on the smell. I’m glad they noticed, because about 15- 20 minutes into the cook I definitely could smell something good. Well, that was just the smell. After slicing the Tri-Tip it was agreed that it was one of the better Tri-Tips that we’ve tasted in a very long time. I could not break down the reasons why this Tri-Tip was so good scientifically as good as Jeremy or Spencer can, but I know good flavor. The Knotty Wood Plum Wood Pellets produces a very Satisfying taste that adds a very pleasant flavor profile to the cook. I just wanted to comment on the bag I received, you now have a new customer. Thank you for the very kind hospitality given to all of us on attendance with the Event with Jeremy Yoder & his team. Peace Always,

Joey Cecchini


Jim Anderson

Ever since I picked up some plum logs last fall for my WSM – I’ve been blown away by plum! With your special last weekend, I decided to pull the trigger on a bag of almond and plum… I tried the almond last night —- MIND BLOWING!!!! I’m certain the plum will be just as good too —- can’t wait to try the mix!I use a smoke tube on my gas Weber grill that gives surprisingly good results — its leading me to believe I need a pellet grill….Nice job!!!! Now you need to find some peach and pear trees….I’ve been thru ALL the tree flavors available now singly/doubled/tripled —- If I had to pick only two flavors now – it would be almond and plum. Apple/cherry/oak/maple are all good – and pecan is my favorite —– but your two flavors surpass any single or combo flavor out there.

Jim Anderson

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