Smoked Salsa Recipe

smoked salsa recipe

Smoked Salsa Recipe


⦁ 1 pound Roma tomatoes
⦁ 1 Jalapeno
⦁ 1 head of fresh garlic
⦁ 1 Red onion
⦁ 1 bunch Cilantro
⦁ 1 tsp Cumin
⦁ Juice of 1 lime
⦁ Salt to taste
⦁ ¼ cup water (if needed for consistency)


⦁ Fill your hopper with Knotty Wood Almond Wood pellets and preheat the smoker to 225 degrees F.
⦁ Cut all the tomatoes and the onion in half. Slice off the top stem of the jalapeno leaving the seeds inside.
⦁ For the garlic head: remove the out wrapper and cut the heads off of the garlic bulbs.. Drizzle with olive oil and wrap in foil.
⦁ Once the smoker is up to temperature, place the tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, and foil wrapped garlic cloves directly on the grill grates. Allow them to smoke for about 1-1 ½ hours.
⦁ Remove the vegetables from the smoker and add to a blender or food processor. Add in the lime juice, cilantro, cumin, salt and pulse until salsa reaches desired consistency.
⦁ Serve warm or cold and enjoy!

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