Knotty Wood Pellets and Honey are a Match Made in Heaven

Knotty Wood pellets

If you’ve never grilled with honey, you are definitely missing out. There are lots of benefits to using honey when you grill and those benefits are amplified when you add Knotty Wood pellets. The combination creates top-notch meats that you will be proud to serve to your family and friends. So what’s so great about pellets and honey? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know. 

Honey Keeps Meat Juicy

There’s nothing worse than a dry slab of meat so it makes sense to seek out ways to boost the juiciness of your beef, pork and chicken. Adding honey to brines and marinades before cooking over our wood pellets infuses the meat with flavor and preserves the moisture. That’s because honey contains hygroscopic properties that allow the meat to attract and hold the juices inside, even during the cooking process.  

Honey Promotes Crisping 

You don’t want dry meat, but a bit of crispy char on the outside isn’t a bad thing. Using a honey glaze helps this process and creates a lovely crisp texture that you will enjoy biting into. At the same time, you get a delicious, browned color on your meat. Many people like the flavor combination of honey and mustard, so you can give that a try as you achieve the ultimate brown crispy edges on your meat. 

Honey Extends the Use of a Marinade

You know that when you marinate meat and grill it outdoors you must be careful to avoid cross contamination and other practices that can lead to the transfer of bacteria, which can make you quite sick if ingested. Using honey in your meat marinades is a great way to extend its shelf life. That’s because honey has antibacterial and preservative properties that will keep bacteria from spreading as quickly. 

Honey is Free of Added Sugar

Many of the store-bought marinades and barbecue sauces you find are packed with added sugar, both for making the product shelf stable, but also to add flavor. When you use honey, you avoid that trap without having to give up the sweetness you love when you cook. Not only that, but honey has antioxidants and other nutrients you won’t find in processed sugar. 

Knotty Wood pellets

Honey is Versatile and Easy to Use

Another great reason to use honey alongside wood pellets is that it has a versatile flavor profile that allows you to pair it with loads of other ingredients so you can treat your family and friends to delicious new foods all the time. Combine honey with mustard, soy sauce, ketchup and vinegar. It also pairs well with garlic, thyme, citrus zest and a variety of other herbs and spices. 

Is your mouth watering yet? Are you ready to fill the grill with Knotty Wood pellets and toss some honey into your meat marinade? Whether you’re grilling chicken wings, salmon filets or sirloins, contact us for all of your wood pellet grilling needs. From plum wood to almond wood to all the recipes your heart desires, we’re here to help. Check out Knotty Wood Barbecue Company online today. 

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