Knotty Wood Pellets for Pellet Grill Game Day Favorites

Knotty Wood Pellets

Do you want to have the best game day grilling for your crew? Do you want a tailgate with dishes so delectable that fans of the other team want to come over? There’s nothing like football in the fall. Whether you’re tailgating on Sunday, Saturday, Friday, or cooking for a player who’s got a game on another day of the week, sports and grilling are a winning team. That said, you don’t have to be into sports at all to enjoy some of our Knotty Wood pellets for pellet grill recipes. 

Chicken Drumsticks that Beat Hunger Like a Drum 

Chicken drumsticks are one of those perfect tailgate foods. They can be eaten without utensils, standing up, in the heat as well as in the autumnal chill. With a half cup of our Knotty Rub as well as our Plum and Almond Knotty Wood BBQ Pellets, you can have the kinds of drumsticks that people will enjoy regardless of what happens at the game itself. 

Perhaps best still: these only take about two hours to cook (depending on how many you have). That way, you don’t have to start cooking for gameday moments after the previous week’s game ended. 

Go Big on Game Day: Lamb Riblets 

Nachos. Chips. Hot dogs. Those are some of the typical tailgate specials. Nothing wrong with them, of course (who doesn’t love a good hot dog?) But, if you’re going to do your tailgate, you may very well want to do something special, something that’s going to stand out and make folks ask you if you’re going to be tailgating throughout the season. Case in point: lamb riblets. 

With just garlic salt, ground black pepper, and our Plum Pellets, you can cook these riblets in as little as 90 minutes. That way, you can wake up, get dressed for the game, and by the time you’re all fired up, so too are these riblets. 

Nuts Before You Go Nuts at the Game 

If you’ve run a tailgate long enough, you’ll know that there are folks who’d like to eat before the game but they may not want to eat an entire meal. Perhaps they just aren’t in the mood for food like drumsticks, riblets, and such. That doesn’t mean they’re unable to enjoy some BBQ goodness, however. Knotty Smoked Nuts can hit the spot. Cook these with our rub, almond wood pellets, olive oil, and salt. Then, in just 70 minutes, you’ll have the kind of healthy appetizer everyone will enjoy.

Knotty Wood Pellets

Knotty Wood Pellets for Pellet Grill Recipes and More 

Gameday is perfect for grilling, yes, but just about any other day is, too. Here at Knotty Wood, we’ve got the recipes as well as the pellets to allow you to enjoy fantastic grilling during not just football season but every season. To see all that we offer, we encourage you to check out the pellets at our site or at the website of The Home Depot.

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