Knowing the Different Grilling Pellets

grilling pellets

For the hardcore grill enthusiasts out there, it’s always grilling season. Rain or shine, warm weather or snow, you may be the type to get out there and smoke or grill meat regardless of the conditions. If you are a true barbecue aficionado, you also probably put a lot of thought into what you are grilling or smoking, as well as how you go about doing it. For some, this means investing in top-of-the-line grill equipment, or buying restaurant-grade smokers. You may also be discerning about where you get your meat, selecting a butcher who offers top-grade cuts and locally sourced products. One item you may also want to consider are your grilling pellets. If you have used wood pellets for grilling before, you may be aware that they can come in a wide range of different varieties. At Knotty Wood Barbecue Company, we can help you pair the right pellets with whatever you have on the menu.

If you are relatively new to using grill pellets, you may be curious about why you would use them over propane or charcoal. Well, for one, they produce a lot less ash than charcoal, making clean-up a lot easier. You also burn a bit more evenly. With wood pellets, you can also get a more aromatic flavor to the food you are preparing via the smoke they produce. Propane, while clean burning, does not really do much to enhance the flavor profile of your food. 

The Advantage of Using Grilling Pellets

One of the great things about using grill pellets is that they come in a broad range of seasonings. This means you can pair just the right type of pellet with the meat you are preparing. A hardwood like hickory will hold its heat well and add a bold, smoky flavor to what you’ve got on the grill. Cherrywood or applewood provide a fruity, sweet taste that can go great with pork. Mesquite woods can give you that more traditional barbecue flavor, one that is robust and smoky. 

Of course, you also have the option of blending together different types of wood pellets. This can allow you to experiment and come up with your own unique combinations. At Knotty Wood Barbecue Company, we offer a number of different pellets, including flavors like Plum wood, that are all crafted and sourced with artisanal care. If you take pride in what you cook on the grill, why not try new ways to create delicious foods to add to your menu? Keeping an open mind and trying new recipes is a great way to become a better grill master, and your friends and family will surely be happy to be your taste test subjects.

grilling pellets

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