Plum and Almond Wood for Cooking Appetizers that Entice Appetites

Almond wood for cooking

When grilling for others, are you looking to use your grill for more than just the main course? Are you looking to grill more than just meat? The truth is that you can use our plum and almond wood for cooking so much more than just chicken, beef, and other sources of protein. Indeed, you can use a pellet grill for all kinds of foods. Below are some of our more popular recipes for appetizers. That way, you can serve your guests (or yourself) amazing dishes long before you get to the main course. 

Almond Wine Smoked Brie that Smokes the Rest 

With our Almond Cabernet Wine Blend pellets (as well as brie cheese, sliced almonds, chopped walnuts, fig jam, our Knotty Wood honey and plenty of dried blueberries, cranberries, and apricots, you can have a delicious smoked brie that almost has to be experienced to be believed. You can cook this in a little less than half an hour, too, making it the perfect appetizer when your party has more guests than you may have previously expected. 

Brisket Bites With Enough Basil to Hit the Spot 

Did you cook brisket for dinner (or the other night) and have a little bit left over? If so, then as long as you have a bit of basil leaves and some other basic ingredients, you’ve got an appetizer that will get spirits going. It doesn’t take all that long at all to cook and serve (indeed, with this recipe, you’re supposed to serve it as soon as you finish making it). This is a great way to build an incredible dish out of your leftovers, making it a perfect appetizer for when folks stop by the day after Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, and so forth. 

Simple, Effective, Perfect: Bacon Wrapped Crackers 

If you’re like so many of us, when you know you have company coming over, you buy plenty of crackers. However, everyone has dips, cheeses, etc. If you want to differentiate yourself from everyone else who serves crackers at the party, our “Bacon Wrapped Crackers on the Pellet Grill” recipe is a great way to do so. 

Almond wood for cooking

With this recipe, you cook the bacon as well as the crackers. You also make sure that each cracker is seasoned generously with our Knotty Rub as well. After 45 minutes, you’ll serve someone a cracker delicacy like they’ve (probably) never experienced before. 

Plum and Almond Wood for Cooking What You Want 

Those are just some of the appetizers that you can use our pellets to cook in your smoker. Between our many different kinds of pellets, you can find a perfect match for appetizers, main dishes, and even desserts. There are plenty of other recipes just like these at our site. 

That said, we don’t just offer recipes: we offer pellets for your grill. Whether you’re cooking for company, for yourself, or for judging in a competition, our pellets can elevate your grilling. See what we offer here.

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