Competition Blend Plummond Wood Barbecue Pellets – 20 lbs.


A blend of our classic 100% Almond Wood and Plum Wood to give you, the grill master, this unique blend offered only by Knotty Wood BBQ. This artisan-crafted competition blend is now a reality. These pellets are inspired by you, the customer, asking for this perfect blend of flavor profiles. Whether barbecuing at home for friends and family or out on the competition circuit, Knotty Wood’s Competition Plummond blend is sure to impress.

100% Pure Almond & Plum Wood BBQ Pellets from the orchards in California’s Central Valley that offer an opportunity to grill with a unique flavor that you cannot find in ANY other pellet. This competition blend of Almond and Plum wood gives off an excellent balance of that Plum sweetness paired with the mild nutty flavor of the Almond. The Plummond mix is perfect for anything you grill. Once you try it, you’ll see why everyone loves this perfect blend.

Designed for all pellet smokers and grills.

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Weight 20 lbs
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