What are the Best Wood Pellets for Grilling?

Best Wood Pellets

To the untrained observer, grilling may seem like a pretty simple and limited practice. Some people may think a grill is just for burgers, hot dogs, or the occasional steak. Of course, if you are something of a barbecue enthusiast, you know that you can do just about anything with a grill or smoker. If you pride yourself on having a diverse and lengthy menu when it comes to grilling, you probably also know that you want to use the best wood pellets possible. Grill masters know that the flavor of your food can come from the pellets used to prepare it, and just as there is a wide array of different types of wood pellets, so too are there different flavors to unlock. This can be a pretty fun and rewarding aspect of grilling, the trial and error process of finding your preferred type of wood pellet or matching different varieties to different types of meat or vegetables. At Knotty Wood Barbecue Company, we’ve got a whole range of wood pellets, and we surely have something to suit your grilling needs. Read on to learn more.

In truth, what makes the “best” pellets can be subjective. Different types of wood compliment different types of food. Hickory pellets, for example, are good for game meats, pork, beef, and chicken since it is so smoky and strong. Apple wood on the other hand is more fruity and sweet, making it ideal for desserts, pork, and lighter types of meat. Cherry wood is similar, and it will also add a reddish hue to your meat. Oak is a pretty versatile type of pellet, which can work with everything from lamb to beef. No matter what you are cooking, or what sort of flavor profile you are looking for, there is a wood pellet out there for you.

How to Find the Best Wood Pellets for Grilling

So, how do you find the ideal type of pellet for you? Well, that is where the fun can be found. You can experiment with all sorts of wood types, and, who knows, the results may surprise you. You can also blend different types of wood pellets to make creative combinations and unique flavors. Of course, you should try to match your types of wood to meats they are compatible with, but there is a lot of room to explore. 

Make sure the pellets you select are made with 100 percent natural wood. You should also make sure they are compatible with your grill or smoker. Ultimately, the best pellets for you are the ones that give you the taste you prefer. At Knotty Wood Barbecue Company, we offer several unique flavors of wood pellets that are outside of what you might find at your regular store. Take a minute or two to browse our site to see for yourself.

Best Wood Pellets

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