Almond Smokehouse Pellets: a Nutty Flavor You’ll Go Nuts For

Smokehouse Pellets

Have you been looking for smokehouse pellets that are different from the rest? Do you want to bring a flavor that’s both delicious and unique to your pellet grill? A pellet grill is so different from a traditional grill in so many ways. The pellets you put in aren’t really like charcoal at all. The right kind of pellet can import a texture and flavor to your food that really nothing else can. Here at Knotty Wood, our almond smokehouse pellets can provide a better grilling experience. 

A Versatile Flavor You’ll Love 

Grillmasters all over choose our pellets to provide high heat in their pellet grills, no matter if they’re looking for low and slow smoking or if they want a beautiful sear on their food. Why? In part, because of the flavor. Our almond wood tastes as it should: with a nutty, sweet flavor that’s as distinct as it is mild. So, due to all of those qualities, it’s right for meat and poultry, yes, but also for seafood, veggies, and essentially anything else you decide to cook in your pellet grill. 

An Energy Source You Can Trust 

The right pellets for your grill provide more than just flavor, of course, they provide energy, too. We specifically designed our pellets so that they burn hotter as well as cleaner. By doing so, they provide an energy source that’s both more efficient and potent. The point behind all of this is to provide you with as many cooking hours per pound of pellets. Instead of having to buy a bunch of pellets just to cook a few dishes, we make it so that you can get all the cooking you want to do right with as few pellets as possible. 

The Highest Quality and Purity 

In the world of barbecue pellets, there aren’t a lot of regulations. So, there’s really no one checking to make sure that if someone says they’re offering “wood” pellets then those pellets are actually made of wood. Unfortunately, some companies abuse this, by putting in scraps of flooring, the remains of furniture, and plenty of other wood that you wouldn’t want to consume (or want your family and friends to consume, either). Here at Knotty Wood, we source our wood directly from local orchards. By doing so, we can ensure that it’s 100% pure and natural. No fillers, no additives, and certainly no substitutes of any kind ever – that’s our pellets.

Smokehouse Pellets

More Than Almond Smokehouse Pellets 

We’re quite proud to offer our almond pellets. However, they’re just one of the kinds of flavors of pellets that we offer. There are others, each made to the same exacting specifications. To see all that we offer, you can purchase our pellets from our site or from that Home Depot.

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