Tailgate Tips Beyond Having the Best Grilling Pellets 

Best grill pellets

Do you want to put together the best grilling for tailgating the big game? Are you ready not just for some football, but to put together a tailgate spread that everyone who comes is going to love (regardless of the outcome of the game?) Regardless of whether the “big game” is the “playoffs” or a “family touch football in the backyard,” pellet grilling and tailgating are an unstoppable combination. These are some of the best grilling pellets tailgate tips that we’ve amassed over the years. 

Come in With a Strong Gameplan 

Create a plan in mind of what you’re going to do for the tailgate. Don’t just decide to “wing it.” After all, the team you’re going to see play puts together a game plan days in advance; you should do the same for your tailgate. That means having all of the appropriate food, bbq fuel, and more. With the understanding that you’re going to need more grilling pellets when it’s cold out, it’s always OK to have a bit more than you might need for the tailgate. You still come out ahead, of course, as you and yours can enjoy that food long after the game has ended. 

The Right Food at the Right Moment 

It’s not always easy to know exactly how many folks are coming to your tailgate, but try to have a general idea of it. Having too much food can be OK (provided you can store it during the game, which is something else to keep in mind in terms of planning) but having too little can be considered a serious fumble. Just as you made your plan early, you’ll probably want to arrive early at the tailgate spot, too. 

Know the Terrain 

You can cook practically anything on a pellet grill. However, you want to make sure that you’re making the right dishes for your environment. For example, if you’re running a big tailgate in the parking lot of an NFL stadium in sub-zero temperatures, folks probably aren’t going to want a lot of dishes that they’ll have to grip with their hands. They’ll have to take off their gloves to eat those foods which may not be terribly appealing in the cold temperatures. In that case, you’re going to want steak bites, poppers, or something else that can be consumed by someone operating a fork with mittens. 

Best grill pellets

Best Grilling Pellets for Any Season 

All of the above has been said, it’s not like you have to wait for a big sporting event to enjoy the fruits of pellet grilling. In fact, you can grill many fruits (and just about anything else) on a pellet grill all year long for any reason you would like. To get the most from your pellet grilling as well as your dishes, you can find our pellets at The Home Depot’s site or our own. 


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