If You’ve Decided Not to Cook on Your Wood Barbecue Grill Until Spring

Wood Barbecue

With the snow coming down this winter, have you decided just not to use your pellet grill until spring rolls around? Do you have a wood barbecue grill at your summer home and want it to be in its best shape when you take it back out of storage? Of course, here at Knotty Wood, we would like to remind you that a pellet grill can make for excellent grilling in any season. But, we understand that’s not feasible for everyone. Below are some tips to maintain your grill through the cold for better days ahead. 

Before You Move it Anywhere… 

Clean. If you aren’t going to use your grill for an extended period of time, you want it to be as clean as possible before you put it somewhere. For many, the first step is to, perhaps paradoxically, turn it all the way up to its max temp (while always being safe, consulting your manual, etc.) Then, don’t just put it away, give it a moment to cool down a bit, too. Once that’s done, remove all the pellets. You’ll note we said “all,” not “a few,” “some of them,” “most of them,” etc. Finally, wipe it all down, perhaps with a nylon brush. Can’t hurt to have a decent spray cleaner, either. 

Your Grill, Alone 

For many, “storing” their pellet grill means “leaving it exactly where it always is, just not using it for a period of time.” That means they don’t take it inside, they just leave it out and hope for the best. There’s nothing wrong with that and, indeed, it can be made to work. But, if you’re going to go that route, unplug it. Don’t just unplug the electrical cord (although you should absolutely do that) but unplug everything else, too. If there’s something that plugs into your grill, unplug it. That doesn’t mean just leave it there, though. Put it in a safe, sealable bag and store it somewhere you’ll remember it for next time. 

wood barbecue

Cover and Storage 

Maybe you’re leaving your grill where it always is through the season, or perhaps you’re putting it in your garage or elsewhere, but, no matter what, you’re always better off covering it. This is imperative if you’re putting it outside but not a bad idea either if you’re storing it inside. Depending on your grill, you can probably find a model-specific cover but, so long as it’s covered, you can be OK. Best practice no matter what: make sure the cover is secured in some way. 

The Best Wood Barbecue Experience Any Time of the Year 

Follow those tips and, knock on wood, you’ll have a pellet grill that’s ready to help you to cook amazing dishes all throughout the year. To get the most out of your pellet grill and anything you may cook on it, you can find our pellets at The Home Depot’s site or at our own. 

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