Using Grilling Pellets to Make Cocktail Drinks (Yes, You Read that Right)

Grilling Pellets

Do you want to use your pellet grill to make a holiday party, unlike any other holiday party? Have you been looking for more ways to incorporate your pellet grill into your cooking? You can use your pellet grill to make cocktail drinks. No, that’s not a misprint, nor is it an exaggeration. You can use your pellet grill to make some of the best, most refreshing, and most delicious holiday cocktails. Of course, whether it’s cocktails or shrimp tails, our grilling pellets always set the standard for pellet grilling. 

Utilizing Your Pellet Grill for Making Drinks 

No, when using your pellet grill for drink making, you do not put the drink inside the pellet grill. Instead, what you do is put some of the ingredients that go into the drink inside the pellet grill. That opens up, quite literally, an entirely new world of smoky flavors (among others) that you just can’t get through any other method. If you’re tired of the same old same old drinks, then this is a new way forward. 

One of Our Favorite Cocktail Recipes 

A beloved recipe of ours is for the “Smoked Blackberry Bourbon Spritz.” It has everything a holiday cocktail should: taste, refreshment, zing, and alcohol. First, preheat your smoker to 200 degrees. Then, take half a basket of blackberries and put them on your pellet grill in a saucepan for 20 minutes. During that time, combine the lime zest and sugar on a shallow plate. Then, run a lime wedge over the rim of any glasses you’re going to use and dip those in the mix on the shallow plate. 

Bringing it Together 

After twenty minutes on your pellet grill, the blackberries should be plenty smoked. Then, you can put them in a glass pitcher or, as many use now, a cocktail shaker. Once the blackberries are in there, put in mint leaves, lemon juice, and honey, for a sweet, sweet taste. For an even sweeter taste, put in the other half of the basket of blackberries. Sure, you can smoke more than half, but that might be a bit much. Once you’ve put all of that together, add in the bourbon. For the last touch, you can put in ice and just a little bit of ginger beer. That’s a holiday cocktail that elevates any party.

Grilling Pellets

Grilling Pellets: Gifts that Give All Year Long 

This is just one of the many cocktail recipes you can use a pellet smoker for. There are many others. Of course, cocktails are just one of the many, many things that can be improved through a pellet grill. Our pellets can improve any kind of pellet grill and dish, bar none. To see for yourself, you can buy our pellets through our site or through the Home Depot site. 

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