Appetizer Barbecue Pellet Recipes to Start the Holiday Party Right

Barbecue Pellet

Do you want to make the best appetizers for your holiday party? Are you tired of, every year, putting out the same grocery store cheese plate, or that plate of just shrimp? Sure, those are fine, but if it’s been many years, you’re probably aching to switch it up. A pellet grill can, as you probably know, be used to cook practically anything. Below are some recipes that you can use our barbecue pellet/Knotty Rub for to make this holiday truly one of a kind. 

The Importance of Holiday Appetizers 

At a holiday party, people don’t always come on time. Some come very late, some come very early, some leave before the big dinner and some come right before the big dinner, too. If you’re entertaining, you want to be able to entertain when people arrive. That’s where the appetizers come in. When you have great appetizers, you have something you can offer to anyone regardless of when they show up. You’ll know you’ve offered great appetizers when either A., they disappear quickly, or you hear guests say “I ate so many appetizers I’m not ready for dinner.” 

Healthy Appetizers with a Barbecue Pellet 

So many of the traditional holiday appetizers are the furthest thing from healthy. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, (it is the holidays) but some may want to include a healthy appetizer option. This “smoked bacon-wrapped asparagus” happens to be delicious and easy on the diet. In addition to the bacon and asparagus, you’re going to want olive/avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The key move: wrap three to four asparagus spears in one piece of raw bacon. After you’ve preheated your smoker to 180F for five to ten minutes, smoke the asparagus and bacon for ten minutes. Then, crank the heat to 350F and smoke for another 10. 

A Trip to Almost Almond Heaven 

Almonds can be a great appetizer in and of themselves. Of course, for the best almonds, you don’t just want to open up a canister and put it on your table. Instead, follow this recipe for smoking your almonds with olive oil and kosher salt. To get the best, most almond tastes imaginable, of course, you want to use our almond wood pellets, too. In fact, throw our Knotty Rub in the mix and you’ll have the kinds of almonds that your guests are going to be asking you for the recipe for a long time to come.

Barbecue Pellet

Appetizers and the Main Course 

The above are just recipes for some appetizers, there are many others. Indeed, at our site, you’ll find plenty of recipes that are great for “finger foods” before the main dish. You can find plenty of great recipes for main dishes on our site, too. For the best results, you can buy our pellets through our site or through that of The Home Depot right here. 

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