Tips for Your First Time Cooking With Almond Wood Pellets for the Holidays

Almond Wood Pellets

Is it your first time entertaining at home for a big holiday party with your pellet grill and you want to get it right? Did someone recently give you a pellet grill and you aren’t sure where to start? No matter what grill you have or what you’re cooking, our almond wood pellets can elevate it. That said, there are some beginner tips for your first holiday that may not have come with the instruction manual. These can help you with the 2022 holidays as well as those for many years after. 

Start at the Beginning

You’ve probably heard the old cliche “no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan.” Yes, that can happen with pellet grill cooking, too. It’s natural to be excited about cooking for the holidays, but just “drawing it up in the dirt” can lead to disaster. Instead, have a plan. Know what you’re going to cook and, equally important, how long it’s going to take for you to cook it. That way, you can start planning out days in advance, leaving as little as possible to chance on the big day (as you know something is going to go wrong/present obstacles on the big day). 

Yes, Cook the Big Meal, But… 

Most people, when cooking on a pellet grill for the first time (or even one of the first times) don’t always realize all of the many different things that can be cooked on a pellet grill. Many, when cooking for the holidays, use their oven and their pellet grill simultaneously. For example, you could be cooking your main course in the oven while taking care of all of the appetizers, sides, and even desserts on your pellet grill. That way, you can provide more and better food to more folks. Utilizing all of your resources is a great way to provide the best entertainment experience.

Tools for the Job 

Pellet grill cooking is efficient all year long. However, in the winter, in the cold, when the temperatures have fallen, your pellet grill is going to need more pellets to be able to generate the heat you want. That’s not a failing of the pellet grill by any means; that’s just science. So, be sure to be stocked with as many pellets as you can. Depending on how cold it is, it can take up to 40 to 50% more pellets to cook something in wintry conditions than in summer ones. 


Almond Wood Pellets

Almond Wood Pellets All Year Long 

The above tips will serve you very well during the holidays, of course. But, each of them will also be a great boon during a family dinner, tailgate, picnic, or any other time that you’re cooking for plenty of folks. No matter who you’re cooking for or what you’re cooking for them, our pellets can make it that much better. You can find them at our site or that of The Home Depot. 

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