The Best BBQ Pellets Tips for Cooking on a Wintry Day

BBQ Pellets

Are you concerned about what to do if you need to cook on your pellet grill and the temperature drops significantly? Do you have worries about pellets cooking in the snow? So many of us plan out the perfect cooking schedule for the holidays, only to find that the climate does its best to alter them. We’ve written before about doing what you can to protect your grill, come what may. These are some more tips from our BBQ pellets team to help you and your grill to be ready for a holiday regardless of what the weather report says. 

Proper Storage for Best Results 

In addition to taking care of your grill, of course, you want to take care of your pellets, too. If you’re like so many, it can be natural to just put your bag of pellets down on the cold concrete until you need them again. However, that might not be best for your pellets, as it can lead to any number of problems for them. To get the most out of your pellets when storing them, consider elevating them on a shelf or even just putting them on a couple of pieces of wood. 

When to Clean 

You know that you have to clean your grill, but, if you’re like many others, you aren’t sure exactly when to clean it. Regardless of the temperatures, you’re going to want to clean it around every twenty pounds of pellets or so are used. Not only does this make sure that you keep your grill clean, but it’s also easier to remember. You don’t get caught in that trap of “wait, how many bags of pellets did I use after I cleaned it last?” “Every twenty pounds of pellets and clean” is easy to remember. 

To Protect, Cover, and Transfer 

What do you want when you’re outside in the cold? Right: to stay warm. Your pellet grill wants the same, too. So, make sure to have a blanket on it outside. That will keep it from the elements, too. That said, don’t cover your grill too much. Do not use it somewhere within a confined space, inside your garage, or something. That can lead to any number of dangerous problems. Speaking of covering, cover your hands, too. You may be cold but the inside of the grill isn’t, so wear those heat-resistant clovers no matter what. 

BBQ Pellets

BBQ Pellets for Best Results 

Those tips above can help you to keep your grill in better condition in the cold or any other time of year. To keep your grill operating at its best, use the best barbecue pellets. That’s where we come in. Here at Knotty Wood, you can find the kinds of pellets that make any dish that much better. You can find ours at our site or at The Home Depot’s site too.  

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