Newest Edition to Our Almond Wood Pellets Family: Cabernet Wine Blend

Almond Wood Pellets

Have you been looking for Almond Wood Pellets that add an even more unique smoky flavor to your grilling? Do you want something new, to “switch it up” from Almond or Plum? Here at Knotty Wood, we’re always looking to build on what we’ve done, to offer something unique and great to our customers that they may not have experienced before. We’re proud to offer our new Cabernet Wine Blend Almond Wood Pellets. 

What Sets These Pellets Apart: Cabernet Sauvignon with Smoke 

It’s entirely possible your first thought is something like: “wait, wine?” Yes. These pellets come from the vineyards of California’s Central Valley. They have a unique flavor that you won’t find in any other kind of pellet on the market today (or tomorrow). They have a red wine taste, yes, but they combine that with a mild nutty flavor and a hint of oak. 

The Same High Caliber of Almond Wood Pellets 

Speaking of our almond wood, these pellets are made to fit the same high standard that the rest of our pellets do. That means they provide that same clean, sweet smoke that leads to a flavor that’s as mild as it is nutty as it is sweet. Whether you’re cooking at high heat for that gorgeous sear or slow smoking for that strong smoky flavor, these pellets are just as versatile as our other flavors are. This makes sense because we personally oversee every step of the process just as we do for those, all the way through the harvesting, transporting, crafting, and more. We would never release these pellets to our customers if they didn’t meet our high standards. 

Goes With Anything 

Just as proteins (and so much more) love our other pellets, so too do they love our cabernet ones. From staples like chicken and beef, lamb and pork, to vegetables, drinks, bread, and the like, if there’s something you can put on a pellet grill, it can benefit from these cabernet pellets. They add a certain one-of-a-kind flavor to an apricot crisp just as they can to tenderloin. 

Almond Wood Pellets

A Worthy Addition to Our Family of Pellets 

Just because we added these cabernet pellets to our family doesn’t mean our other pellets will “take a back seat,” so to speak. On the contrary, between our Almond, Plum, and now Cabernet pellets, you’ll be able to find the right pellet for your grilling, no matter what it is you’re cooking. You can purchase our pellets online through The Home Depot website. Happy grilling! 

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