Almond Wood for Smoking: Ideas for Your Smoker

Almond Wood for Smoking

Have you been wondering “what exactly could I cook in a smoker?” The simple answer to this is some version of: “anything you really want to taste great,” but there is more to it than that. So many have recently purchased a smoker and are looking for some great recipes for it. As winter turns to spring, so many of us are spending more time outside, having friends and family over, and having great food from a smoker can take any gathering to the next level. When it comes to almond wood for smoking, there’s nothing like our pellets. Below are just some of what you can cook in a smoker. 


Basically, any kind of beef is just amazing in a smoker with some almond wood pellets. One particular kind of beef to try, if you’re looking for the ultimate combination of taste and simplicity: beef short ribs. All you need for some excellent smoked beef short ribs are our pellets, BBQ sauce, beef rub, and salt. That’s it. Of course, for so many, the apex beef is BBQ smoked brisket. With a smoker, you can make brisket like nothing else. 


Some folks, when we tell them that you can cook the ham in a smoker, look at us in surprise as if the only thing you can cook in a smoker is beef. No, ham in a smoker can be truly delicious. Sure, it might be associated with holidays, but great ham is great at any time of the year. In fact, depending on your smoker, you can cook a whole ham. The first step is usually to cure the ham, then glaze it, and finally smoke it. 


“Fall Off the Bone” ribs is one of those phrases that’s difficult to read (or type) without imagining just how delicious they are. However, with a smoker, those ribs can be a reality. Also, again, like the beef short ribs, it can be done with a minimal amount of steps and stages. Beef short ribs are also excellent in a smoker, as are beef back ribs and even Texas-Style baby back ribs. 


No mention of what can be cooked in a smoker with almond wood would be complete without mentioning vegetables. Yes, you don’t just have to smoke meats, you can get your veggies as delicious as possible in a smoker, too. Corn on the cob, for one, can be absolutely incredible. Of course, you can also stretch the definition of “vegetables,” too – macaroni and cheese can be well-cooked inside a smoker as well. 

The Right Almond Wood for Smoking 

All of the foods mentioned above are different, yet, in the context of being cooked by a smoker, they all have one thing in common – almond wood pellets. That’s what brings out the best flavor in anything that you’re cooking. To find the right pellets, of course, you can head to our site or find them at your local Home Depot

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