Best BBQ Pellets: Advantages Over Other Kinds of Cooking

Best BBQ Pellets

Have you been looking for a fresh, new way to grill? Are you tired of doing the same thing, over and over again? There are many reasons that more folks are turning to BBQ pellets than ever before. That said, if you’re going to do this, you want to grill with the best BBQ pellets. We’re quite proud of the pellets that we put out on the market, and we believe that grilling with pellets is the best way to enjoy any kind of meat. There are advantages to grilling with pellets over older, more traditional methods. 

Wood Chips Burn Out Quickly 

Often, BBQ pellets are compared to wood chips, which makes sense. After all, they’re both made of wood and, to varying degrees, can provide you with natural smoke flavor. However, when it comes to wood chips, those tend to burn very, very quickly. So, if you want to smoke, your meat has to be flavored at low temperatures, which invites its own host of concerns as well. 

Propane Grilling: a Pain in Terms of Space 

When it comes to searing meat, many folks will opt for gas grilling, propane grilling, and the like. Sometimes, however, grilling with gas gives your meat, well, a bit of a taste of that gas, of petroleum, no matter what else you do. Additionally, propane grilling units take up a lot (and we mean a lot, relatively) of space on your patio, deck, or the like. After all, you really, really don’t want to have them anywhere near your home, building, and so forth. 

Charcoal Grilling: A Full-Time Job 

Charcoal grilling is popular, there’s no doubt about that. Indeed, for so many, “charcoal” is synonymous with grilling. That said, it’s quite a time commitment, especially when compared to using wood pellets. Think of everything that’s involved: you have to heat up the charcoal, then, even while you’re grilling, you watch it very closely to make sure the temperature is exactly where you want it to be. Moreover, it’s going to leave something of a mess when you’re done, too. So many of our customers have told us they tried pellets after getting frustrated with charcoal. 

The Best BBQ Pellets 

The above are some of the downsides to using other forms of grilling instead of pellets. That said, there are downsides to grilling with pellets – if you’re using substandard pellets. Indeed, that’s why, here at Knotty Wood, we make sure that our almond wood is spruced only from our orchard. That way, we can guarantee that our pellets are 100% pure and natural. You’ll never find any additives in them, any fillers, substitutes, or anything less than top-quality almond wood. To start cooking, figuratively and literally, you can order our pellets through our site or find them at your local Home Depot

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