Barbecue Pellet Grilling for a Winning Tailgate

barbecue pellet

Have you been looking for the best barbecue pellet recipes for tailgating? Do you want to contribute something to the tailgate that ensures everyone has a good time regardless of what happens during the game? Whether you’re tailgating the JV team on Thursdays, the local high school on Fridays, your alma mater college on Saturdays, or the pros on Sundays, we’ve got the kinds of tailgate recipes that make for a great time no matter what. 

Start the Tailgate Right 

Cooking for a tailgate is different from cooking for so many other kinds of get-togethers. Why? Well, for the most part, folks aren’t going to be able to sit down at a table. So, you have to consider that they’re going to be eating while holding the food in one hand and their plate (or beverage, napkin, rally towel, or something similar) in the other hand. A great place to start: our Jalapeno Poppers. These are the kinds of delicious, memorable appetizers that go down great whether you’re tailgating hours before the game or want something on the walk to the stadium. 

The Main Tailgate Meal 

It’s important to note that for many serious tailgaters, this is something they’ve been planning on for a long time, possibly since the end of the prior session. So, what they eat at the tailgate is going to be their main meal of the day (or, in some cases, their only meal). Thus, it’s important to have something they can eat that’s going to taste great, but also be meaty, and feel like a real meal, too. One perfect fit for this: smoked pork belly. It too passes the “you can eat this with one hand/two if you’re crafty” test while also being something that a person could eat as their biggest meal of the day, too. 

Sides and More 

Tailgating is about fun. So, you want foods that go great with loud music, playing catch, dancing, cornhole tossing, pre-game analysis going on in the background, and more. That said, it doesn’t mean you just have to bring some hotdogs, either. One of the more popular tailgate recipes that you’ll find at our site is our smoked cream cheese. This makes for a perfect kind of tailgate dessert. You can pop this in your mouth just as you’re ready to make that walk to the stadium for kickoff. barbecue pellet

BBQ Pellet Grilling All Season Long 

Every tailgate is different. Some tailgates are more private, just a few fans who have been going to those games for years and years. Others are enormous events, with so many people, only some of which you may know. At our site, you’ll find recipes for tailgates of every size. One ingredient that’s right for each of these foods, of course, is our wood pellets. You can find those at Home Depot’s site or through our own right here. 


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