New Grilling Pellets Recipes to Show What Pellet Cooking Can Do

Grilling Pellets

Are you looking for new, delicious recipes to try on your pellet grill? Do you want to cook items on your pellet smoker that you’ve never tried before? As we’ve mentioned many times, a pellet grill isn’t like any other kind of grill, as it can cook many foods that many would probably have never tried on a traditional grill before. In addition to providing our grilling pellets, we’re always looking for new recipes we can put on our site for visitors to enjoy. Below are some of the more recent ones that we are loving.

Chuck Roast

As the temperatures drop, the leaves change colors, and the very first flakes of snow hit the ground, it makes all the sense in the world that, when you fire up your pellet grill, you want to eat something hearty. Case in point: our chuck roast recipe. Beyond simply the 3 to 4 pounds of boneless beef chuck roast, we also recommend adding yellow potatoes, baby carrots, onions, garlic, a bit of red wine, and, of course, our Knotty rub. This can make for a meal that can warm up even on the coldest day.

A Salad for Crisp Memories of Summer Past

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you can’t eat something that’s cold. Just because something is a “summer” salad, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable as the calendar rolls toward the holidays. Our “Cold Summer Salad” has everything you could want for a delicious, healthy snack at any time of the year. The tomatoes, avocados, and basil form the base of the salad, while the garlic salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, and mozzarella make it delicious no matter what the temperature is outside. 

Spaghetti Sauce

Yes, you read that right. Spaghetti sauce. You can make spaghetti sauce on your pellet grill. You can make delicious spaghetti sauce with a unique, smoky flavor in your pellet grill. Instead of relying on something that came in a jar from the store, get two pounds of ground beef, two cans of crushed and diced tomatoes, two full onions, red wine, oregano, parsley, and our Knotty Rub, of course. Once you’ve mixed it all, put it in a smoker at 250 degrees. Then, just let it simmer for two to three hours. That way, all of the flavors can get into the sauce.

Grilling Pellets

More Grilling Pellets Recipes to Come

We’re always on the hunt for great recipes that anyone can make in their smoker. If you have some that you’d like to share with us, don’t hesitate to do so through our many social media platforms. Of course, these recipes are but a small, small portion of what you can cook on pellet grills with our cooking pellets. To learn more about our pellets or to purchase them, you can do so through our site or through The Home Depot site.

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