Hot Wood Barbecue Tips for When the Temperature Drops

Wood Barbecue

As the leaves outside turn, have you begun to worry about your wood barbecue pellet grill? Are you concerned about using it as the temperatures drop? The good news is that, yes, you can enjoy your pellet grill throughout the winter. You can cook how and when you would like, regardless of the temperature outside. That said, there are some precautions and best practices to keep in mind so that you have the best possible wood barbecue grilling experience during the fall, winter, and every other season. 

It Takes More to Make a Grill Hot in the Cold 

A pellet grill can cook foods at a high temperature, sure. But, if your pellet grill is outside in the cold, then it stands to reason it’s going to take more to get your pellet grill as hot as you would like and keep it that way. Thus, you may find yourself going through more pellets as it takes more of them to really get your grill as hot as you would like. By that same token, it will probably take longer for your grill to get hotter, too. These are all things to keep in mind both when you’re grilling as well as before. 

A Heat-Resistant Cover Can Help 

As your pellet grill sits out there in the cold, there are some steps you can take to help it. Case in point: getting an insulated, thermal pellet grill cover. The strength of this kind of cover is that it makes it easier for your grill to maintain a consistent temperature. Instead of fluctuating (and dropping) with the cold weather, this kind of heat-resistant cover can help your grill to get that much hotter that much faster and stay that way. 

Keep a Lid on It 

So many of the people we talk to love to use their pellet grill, but, as soon as they put their food on the pellet grill, they want it to be done. We understand you go to all that trouble to cook it, you want to eat it. But, especially in the wintertime, you want to be cognizant of not opening that lid. Why? Because that means you’ll let out some heat, which means that your grill will have to work harder and harder to get that heat back and cook your food. Sure, that might not be a big deal in the middle of July, but in the middle of November, it’s an entirely different story.

Wood Barbecue

Wood Barbecue Pellets All Year Round 

We don’t believe that you should have to let the calendar determine when and how you decide to cook your food. If you want to make pellet smoking part of your winter rituals with your friends and family, we support you. To that end, you can get our pellets either at our site or at The Home Depot’s site.

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