Smokehouse Pellets for the Best Smoked Mashed Potatoes

Smokehouse Pellets

Are you tired of having the same mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving every year? Do you want to bring the side dish to Thanksgiving that everyone wishes were the main dish? Then we can help. One thing we never tire of is showing folks all of the different things they can cook on a pellet grill. With the right smokehouse pellets, you can make the best smoked mashed potatoes. 

The Ingredients for a Mash

The ingredients for mashed potatoes haven’t really changed in centuries and are unlikely to for centuries to come. With Russet potatoes (or Yukon Gold, depending on your preference) and butter, you’re good to go. However, for a bit of added zing, you can always include sour cream as well as black pepper, salt, or even our Knotty rub. To get the most out of your smoked mashed potatoes, we recommend using our almond wood pellets. They add a bit of a sweet, nutty flavor that perfectly meshes with the potatoes. 

Simple Process 

First, peel those potatoes into squares, halves, or whatever shape you’re comfortable making. After you’ve placed them on the rack, smoke them for about an hour. They’ll smell delicious, but, at this point, they still aren’t done. What we recommend doing is getting a big cube of butter and wrapping the potatoes in foil with it. From there, put them back in the smoker. There’s no set number here, but half an hour can work. You can eat them from here (they’re kind of like delicious potato wedges). Or, you can do the traditional mashing. Now, the mashing may be a bit more difficult than you’re used to (the outer skin will be a bit tough) but when you do so, it’s oh-so worth it. 

What You Can Add 

The above constitutes the basic smoked mashed potatoes. For many, they want Thanksgiving dinner to be anything but basic. How can you achieve that? By adding plenty of fixin’s such as bacon, cheese, spices, herbs, and so forth. As you’re using your pellet smoker (which you may use often to cook meats) then you may even want to top off your mashed potatoes with beef, pork, or just about anything else. That’s one of the best parts of mashed potatoes: they go with anything. 

Smokehouse Pellets

Smokehouse Pellets for the Best Thanksgiving 

Speaking of something that “goes with everything,” that’s exactly what our pellets can do. No matter what you’re eating or when you’re eating it, our pellets can make your dishes that much better. You could be cooking for Thanksgiving or just for yourself on a Tuesday, and you could make something that you’ll remember for a long, long time. To get our pellets, you can buy them through our site or by doing so through The Home Depot site, too. 

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