Best BBQ Pellet Recipes for Summer Game Day

Best BBQ Pellet

Are you having everyone over for a cookout after (or before or during) a ball game this summer? Whether it’s for major league baseball, little league, a swim meet, or any other sporting event, nothing brings people together quite like great food. “Game day” doesn’t stop for many until the sun goes down, as it can go on long after (and before) the game. We have plenty of the best BBQ pellet recipes at our site for game day and really any other day. 

Lamb Riblets 

If you’re like many eating on Game Day, you want foods that are manageable. Something that’s not too heavy, delicious, that you can eat with your hands, that you can move around with as you eat. A perfect example of this: the lamb riblets at our site. To make these, you’re going to want a rack of the finest lamb riblets, of course. But, you’re also going to want some of Lowrey’s Garlic Salt as well as Course ground black pepper. What makes these especially great for game day: they can be ready in about an hour and a half: perfect for when you have more teammates than you may have thought. 

Best BBQ Pellet

Garlic Bread 

Finger foods rule on gameday. You’ve never heard someone say: “I’m gonna eat this soup during the big game!” Garlic bread, when made on your pellet grill, can make game day a win regardless of what happens on the field (or in the pool, at the match, etc.) For these, you’re going to want a stick of softened butter, five to six minced cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of Paprika, a half cup of Parmesan cheese, and fresh parsley. You can make these in ten minutes, a perfect pick-me-up if the game goes awry. 

The Main Course 

If you’re serious about grilling on game day, you can’t go wrong with our recipe for steak bites. We recommend chuck steak, and that you trim off any tendons, silver skin, and the like before you cut it into bite-sized chunks. Melt a tablespoon of beef tallow over your stove in a cast-iron skillet or the BBQ. Tip: you’ll know these are done when 

The internal temperature reaches 150 and the crust is even on the outside. 

Best BBQ Pellet Recipes All Year Long 

Those are just some of the recipes that we offer at our site for game day. The truth is that you can’t go wrong with any of the recipes that we offer. That said, you certainly don’t have to wait for a big sporting event to make these recipes. No matter which you choose, you’d best be served with our barbecue wood pellets. You can find them online at Home Depot’s site or through our own. Good luck on game day! 

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