Best BBQ Pellets and Meat to Match

Best BBQ Pellets

Are you new to the world of pellet grilling and want to find the best pellets to match your meat? Or, are you looking for a way to take your pellet grilling to the next level? We created our BBQ pellets to be the very best BBQ pellets, in terms of how they’re made, their purity, and how they burn. We offer our pellets so that you can have a great grilling experience. Our pellets pair exceptionally well with meats and more.

Plum Pellets = Sweeter Smoke

The sweet smoke that comes from our plum pellets works exceptionally well with pork ribs. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your pork ribs, that’s a great way to go. Additionally, they can do wonders with beef brisket and even chicken as well. Due to that sweeter smoke, they can pair with so much more than just meat = they’re an excellent pairing for salmon as well. To get even more out of your pellet grilling, we offer our “Knotty Rub” as well.

The Versatility of Almond Wood

Our almond wood pellets provide smoke that’s nuttier than you might think. Though it may be nuttier, it’s also milder, too. So, when trying to list what meat best pairs with almond wood, it’s so versatile, to answer the question almost sounds like a cop-out: it goes with everything. No, really. If you have some kind of meat or food that you want to cook in your smoker, you literally cannot go wrong with our almond wood. We’ve cooked it ourselves, and we’ve had satisfied customers reach out to us who used it for beef, chicken, turkey, and even pork, tri-tip, mutton, and more. Almond wood really does go with anything. 

50/50: The Best of All Worlds

Even though the smoke is mild, that nutty flavor of Almond wood doesn’t go with everything. By that same token, some aren’t looking for a pellet grilling experience that’s as sweet as the plum pellets are. For these folks, we offer our “50/50” blend. This is exactly what it sounds like: it’s our customers’ favorite to pair the two. With this, we’ve paired the two of them perfectly, so that you’re getting the strengths of both types of pellets.

Best BBQ Pellets

Getting the Best BBQ Pellets Without Leaving Your Home

Now is the time of year when more people are grilling, having folks over to grill on the patio, the deck, the yard, and more. That said, we know how frustrating it can be to put together everything you need for the cookout, only to realize that you forgot to get the BBQ pellets. So, to make it easier, you can have these pellets delivered right to your doorstep by ordering them online. 

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