The Benefits of a Barbeque Pellet Grill: Smoke Beyond Compare

Barbeque Pellet Grill

Have you been looking for a better way to grill, to enjoy your favorite meats and vegetables? With spring arriving and soon to turn to summer, do you want a new way to entertain? Those are just some of the reasons that more folks than ever are turning to pellet grills. A departure from traditional charcoal grills, there are plenty of reasons that these may provide exactly the kind of grilling you’re looking for. Of course, to get the most out of your barbeque pellet grill, you need the right kind of pellets. That’s where we can help.

The Versatility of a Barbeque Pellet Grill

With other grilling methods, it’s not all that easy to control the temperature. With a pellet grill, however, you can do that easily and quickly, keeping the temp anywhere between 180 and 500. This makes it possible to cook anything slowly, for long periods of time. To do that right, however, you need the right pellets. Almond wood pellets, for exactly, offer a nutty and mild flavor that pairs well with practically anything. 

Simplicity of Use

It can take a while for anyone to “get the hang of” using other forms of grills, but with pellet grills, folks can pick it up quite quickly. For one, you can control the temperature through your WiFi. As to which kind of pellet grill is right for you, so many folks have different opinions. Indeed, that’s just one reason why here at Knotty Wood we smoke with a large variety of different brands. For example, John’s favorite Smoker is The Yoder while Spencer’s is the Pitts and Spitts. There are so many great pellet grills on the market right now.

Best Flavor for Your Grilling – Fast

One major reason folks are turning to pellet grills – is time. Many preheat in as little as ten minutes, which can really cut down on grilling time. Additionally, they’re able to keep that heat for a long period of time, too. That said, grilling for a short period of time isn’t worth it if your grilling lacks flavor. That’s one of the main reasons that we made sure our Knotty Wood pellets burn longer and hotter. That way, they can better provide the heat as well as the flavor that you need for your food.

Barbeque Pellet Grill

The Right Pellet for Anything You Smoke

Some folks, when they hear the word “smoker,” unconsciously hear the word “meat” before it. Sure, you can smoke just about any kind of meat, but here at Knotty Wood, we know that you can smoke just about anything. You can smoke vegetables. You can smoke cakes. One of our signatures, in fact, is using a cast iron with our smoker. As our pellets burn hotter, we can get a good sear and heat from the pan. So can you! To see how our pellets can help your smoking, head to our site or at your local retailers. In fact, you can have them delivered to your door, too!

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