Best Grilling Pellets Practices for When the Temperatures Drop

best grilling pellets

As it gets colder outside, are you worried about your pellet grill? Are you thinking about bringing it in for the fall and winter, thus never grilling during those seasons? The truth is that you can still grill safely and deliciously throughout the entire year. However, there are some steps you may want to take to ensure that your grill is operating at its peak efficiency and safety (not the least of which is using the best grilling pellets). When it comes to pellet grilling as summer becomes fall and later becomes winter, keep these in mind. 

You Don’t Need to Open the Lid 

This may seem like an obvious one, but you may be surprised how many people do this. Of course, we all want to check on our food to see it cooking well. However, opening the lid to check it can work against that happening. It might not be the biggest deal in steamy July and August, but in the fall and winter, when it’s very cold out, this can have a detrimental effect on even the best pellet grill dish. 

When It’s Cold, Have a Plan for the Food 

By that same token, while the temperatures outside may be frightful, you’ll want to have a plan ready to implement to ensure that your food will stay hot. You’ll probably want to get it back to your home as quickly as possible, but you may also want to consider using something like a preheated cast iron pan or something else that can keep it very warm (depending on the distance it’s about to travel). That way, you won’t be fighting the elements when it comes to the taste and heat of your food. 

Best Practices Re: Snow 

To continue the line of thought in the prior section, you’ll want to get your food to and from the pellet grill fast. One great way to ensure that happens: shoveling. Make sure there’s a clear path from your pellet grill to your home. That’s not just about the taste of your food; that’s important for safety as well. Depending on where your pellet grill is outside, you may consider moving it closer to your home. But, always, be wary of having it be too close. Speaking of “always” – a cover for your grill is a good idea in the summer and a necessity in the other months. 

best grilling pellets

Best Pellet Grilling Pellets 

If you stick to the above advice, you can continue to enjoy tremendous grilling all year long. To make that grilling even better, go with the best grilling pellets. That’s what we offer here at Knotty Wood. No matter what you’re grilling or when you’re grilling it, we have the kinds of pellets that can help you to get even more flavor out of your food. You can find our pellets at The Home Depot or Lowes  website . 


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