Wood Barbecue Tips for the Best of the Fall

wood barbeque

As summer becomes autumn, have you been dreading the end of the grilling season? Does it feel like there’s no more time to grill? Sure, the temperatures may be dropping and the leaves are changing, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop grilling. Far from it. Indeed, with some accommodations to the seasons, you can grill on your pellet grill all year long. Below are some tips for those looking to get more out of their wood barbecue as fall arrives.

Try Something New 

If you’re like so many of us, you’ve got your pellet grilling favorites. Nothing wrong with that at all. The only thing: if you only ever cook your favorites, then you’re precluded from adding to your favorites. That’s just some of the reasons that we always recommend folks keep experimenting. In the fall, you may have fewer occasions where you’re pellet grilling for large events, so you may get a chance to try grilling with pumpkin spice rubs, grilling cream cheese, and other things that you may not be able to work into summer’s busy social schedule. 

Seasonal Vegetables

Part of what makes a pellet grill so great is its impressive versatility. You can grill so much more than just meat and potatoes on a pellet grill. Case in point: vegetables. You can grill so many different kinds of vegetables (and in so many different ways) on a pellet grill. Autumn is the perfect time to grill those fall favorites that you may not have been able to get to during the summer and spring. Sweet potatoes. Corn. Even eggplant. If there’s a vegetable, you’ll be able to grill it on your pellet grill. 

Never Need a Reason to Grill 

This is a big one. So many of us, rightly, associate “pellet grilling” with “special occasion.” However, you really don’t need one to be able to bust out the pellet grill. In fact, you don’t need any kind of occasion at all. “Dinner” is a fine occasion, as is “lunch,” “breakfast,” “brunch,” and “I just feel like it.” The weather and the season shouldn’t determine your grilling, your preference and your appetite should. There’s always a good reason to use your pellet grill

wood barbecue

Wood Barbecue Pellets for the Best Wood Barbecue 

When you’re experimenting with something new on your pellet grill, you may want to extend that to the pellets as well. Indeed, here at Knotty Wood, we offer different kinds of grilling pellets. Each has a different effect on your food, adding a different flavor, and a different texture. You can find these pellets at our site or on the site of The Home Depot. Happy grilling this fall! 


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