Best Wood Pellets According to Judges and Others

Best Wood Pellets

Are you looking for wood pellets that you can trust? Do you want the best wood pellets according to the experts? That makes all the sense in the world. No one should have to endure subpar BBQ just to find the right grilling pellets for their needs. Here at Knotty Wood, we offer many different kinds of wood pellets that can pair perfectly with just about any meal. Recently, professionals have been using our grilling pellets in competition and doing remarkably well. 

Congrats to Mad Mutts BBQ 

Mad Mutts BBQ has used our grilling pellets for a long time. If you’re anywhere within the vicinity of OP, Kansas, you absolutely have to try their grilling (and when we say “in the vicinity” we mean “within one of several neighboring or nearby states.” It’s really that good). 

Recently, they used our pellets in the Iola Rotary Club BBQ Competition. They finished 1st in ribs, 7th in pork, 9th in brisket, and 10th in chicken – all with our pellets. What does that mean? Well, for one thing, it means that no matter what you eat at Mad Mutts BBQ, you’re in for something delicious. 

Proud to Support Taste D’s BBQ

“Taste D’s BBQ” is a BBQ competition team. That means that they go out and compete in BBQ competitions, making some of the best BBQ you’ll find anywhere. Earlier this year, they competed in the City of Fairfield (CA) “Blues, Brews, and BBQ Cook-Off” event. 

Not only did they win “Grand Champion” of the whole thing, but they also won first place in chicken and third place in ribs. We’re honored that not only did they cook with our pellets, but they also posted a picture with two bags of our 100% Pure Almond Wood pellets behind their trophy. 

More Than Just the Best Wood Pellets 

Our wood pellets are, for the most part, what we offer. You can find folks just about all around the country (and beyond) using our wood pellets to make the kind of BBQ that they (and their guests) want to eat. That said, we offer more than just pellets – we have rub, too. Even that rub has been getting in on the competition-winning fun. 

Case in point, just a few months ago, Knotty Rub took 5th place in the 2023 American Royal BBQ rub contest. This is a big deal for many reasons, not the least of which is that this is one of the most competitive rub contests anywhere. So, for us to take 5th there is a major, major honor.

Best Wood Pellets

Smoke the Competition (in a Contest or at Your Table) 

You don’t have to be in a competition, on a “competitive grilling team,” or anything of that nature to enjoy our products. All you need is to want to have the right pellets or rub to pair with your BBQ. To see what we offer, head to our site or purchase our products from The Home Depot site. 

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