Finding the Right Grilling Pellets for Anything You’re Grilling

Grilling Pellets

Are you interested in grilling pellets but want to make sure that you get the right ones? Were you entrusted with getting the pellets for the holiday cooking and want to be certain that you’ve made the right choice? Here at Knotty Wood, we offer many kinds of pellets. Each of them can be a great fit for anything that goes on a grill. That said, some of our pellets are a better fit for some dishes than others. 

For the Pros 

The name “Competition Blend” really says it all. These are the pellets for when you’re grilling not just for a great meal, but to achieve greatness, period. These are the very same pellets that the experts use when they compete, vying for those massive trophies. 

There’s so much that makes this pellet stand out from the rest. For starters, it has a unique flavor that can’t be found in any other pellet – not other pellets that we offer, nor in any other pellets that anyone else offers. It’s exactly the right balance of the nutty flavor of the Almond with the sweetness of the Plum. 

For Those Who Love it Sweet 

For many, having a “sweet tooth” can maybe be a negative thing. Sure, all that sweetness tastes great, but it can also come from sugar, calories, etc. There is one great way to add sweetness to your cooking that doesn’t add anything negative, that doesn’t have any bad side effects. Instead, with our Plum pellets, you’re getting nothing but a sweetness that just enhances your grilling. These pellets are perfect for all meats. Not “some” meats, nor “most” meats, but rather, all meats.” 

For Those Who Want a Bit of Nuttiness in Their BBQ 

A little “nutty” taste can go a long way. By adding some to your BBQ, you give it a flavor that’s distinct, and different from what you may find elsewhere. That’s one of the major reasons that our Almond pellets are in demand year after year. Sure, there may be other pellets you see around the internet now with a bit of a nutty flavor to them, but we were the first to offer Almond Wood pellets. 

That said, we didn’t rest on our laurels. To add even more options and more flavors, we now have an “Almond Cabernet Wine Wood” flavor. This gives you some of that nuttiness, yes, but you’ll also get Cabernet wine-infused smoke with a hint of French Oak. It truly must be grilled (and then, of course, eaten) to be believed. 

Grilling Pellets

Grilling Pellets for the Holiday Season and Beyond 

These pellets can make a great gift. They can also make a great gift to yourself, as everyone deserves to have the best BBQ. Beyond these pellets, we have honey, a unique rub, and much more. You can now get our pellets in more places than ever, as they can now be purchased at Lowe’s, too. 

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