Best BBQ Pellets Recipes for the Best Cold Weather Gameday Tailgate

Best BBQ Pellets

Are you tailgating for the biggest games of the season and want to make sure you have the best recipes? Or, are you having folks over for the big game and want a spread that’s going to be delicious (even if the game doesn’t go your way?) This is it. The push to the playoffs. Crunch time. As the games get bigger, more dramatic intense, and better, it stands to reason that your grilling should match. These are some of the best BBQ pellets recipes we have for game day. 

Ribs (Yes, Ribs) 

Plenty of places have ribs recipes. Here at Knotty Wood, we wanted to be able to provide something that was a bit off of the beaten path. To that end, we have a recipe at our site for “Bachan’s Korean Style Short Ribs/Flanken Ribs.” These are the kinds of ribs that can heat things up when it’s bone-chillingly frigid outside. In terms of what we can provide (beyond the recipe itself), you’re going to want some of our Plum Cabernet Wine Blend Pellets as well as our Knotty Rub. 

Hot Honey Wings 

Speaking of heat, that’s what plenty of folks are looking for on game day. It makes all the sense in the world to want to spice things up when it’s all on the line. To that end, we have a recipe on our site for “Hot Honey Wings.” These will be plenty hot, of course (due to the cayenne pepper) but they’ll also have some sweetness, too. That’ll come from our Knotty Wood Honey, Knotty Rub, as well as our Plummond Competition pellets. 

Steak Bites to Bite Back Against the Winter Chill

Keeping with the “heat” in wintertime theme, our recipe for “Bachan’s Steak Bites” will also make things hot while delivering on the deliciousness. With just a pound of steak tips or a flat iron steak, you can make some real gameday magic. 

From us here at Knotty Wood, this recipe requires those Competition Blend pellets (which makes sense, as you’re consuming these before you take in a momentous competition, whether it’s the NFL, college football, backyard football, etc.) as well as our Knotty Rub. 

Another benefit of this recipe: you can cook it quickly. So, if you have more guests than you thought, these can come off of the bench, so to speak, in a hurry. 

Best BBQ Pellets

Best BBQ Pellets for the Best BBQ Period 

These are just some of the recipes we offer that can make gameday enjoyable: win, lose, draw, blowout, etc. The truth is, however, that any of the dishes at our site are great for game day or any other occasion. After all, just because it’s cold outside, that does not mean you have to cease grilling. Far from it. Delicious grilling is delicious no matter what the weather’s doing. To make it that much tastier, you can get our pellets. Now, you can get them at online Lowe’s in addition to our site. 

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