Barbecue Pellet Recipes Throughout Christmas Day

Barbecue Pellet

Have you been looking for the best recipes for a great Christmas Day? Sure, Christmas dinner is the time that everyone thinks of, but the truth is that Christmas is just a great day for eating in general. From the moment the kids awake to see what Santa got them till the moment even the adults are tuckered in, there’s plenty of great eating to be had. These are some of the barbecue pellet recipes we have at our site to make Christmas that much more special. 


Opening presents is hard work. So is decking the tree, figuring out how the new toys work, trying on clothes, and so forth. As such, Christmas morning can work up quite an appetite. To make breakfast a real treat, we offer a lemon blueberry loaf recipe. Yes, that’s right. You can cook a lemon blueberry loaf on your pellet smoker and then be the hero of Christmas morning (well, the other hero, second only to the jolly man in red). 

For more traditional breakfast fare, we also offer an Italian omelet recipe, too. No matter your choice, you can make a breakfast to remember (at least, until lunch). 


Lunch on Christmas can often depend on what’s next. For example, if you’re hosting, perhaps you go a bit light on lunch, for the feast to come. By that same token, if you’re traveling somewhere, then you may want to eat hearty for the trip ahead. 

Those are just some of the reasons that our Sheepherder’s Bread is a great pellet grill lunch fit. Yes, you can make bread in your pellet grill. Just a little of it can fill your appetite, but, if you’re hungry (or have a lot of people) our recipe can account for that, too. 

If You Can’t Wait for Dinner (or Lunch) 

If so, then we’ve got some fantastic appetizers as well. Just leaving out the Almond Wine Smoke Brie is a great way to keep your guests happy (even though they might eat all of it before you can have some). The same can be said of our smoked jalapeno poppers as well, of course. They’re amazing, but they can go fast, particularly on a chilly Christmas Day. 

Almond Wood Pellets

Late Night or After Dessert Barbecue Pellet Deliciousness 

Once the kids have gone to bed/to play with their toys and the adults can finally relax, then it might be time to kick back with a great adult beverage which (you guessed it) can be made using a pellet grill. That’s exactly what you can do with our Smoked Blackberry Bourbon Spritz recipe. Yes, it is just as delicious as it sounds. 

Those are just some of the recipes that can make this Christmas Day even more magical. Of course, any of our pellet grill recipes are great day in and day out. To make your grilling that much better, you can get our pellets through our site or by going through Lowe’s. 

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