Making Bread (Yes, Bread) With Your Smokehouse Pellets Grill

smokehouse pellets

Do you want special bread for the holiday? Are you looking for the kind of bread that’s going to have other folks saying: “Hey, um, can you tell me where you bought that bread?” If so, you can make Sheepherder’s Bread with our recipe. Yes, we don’t just offer smokehouse pellets, we have plenty of great recipes, too. You can follow along with our video here. 

First Things First 

Sugar. Salt. Flour. Water. Active dry yeast. That’s all you need to do this. (And, of course, the right pellets and a pellet grill). 

Get the yeast going. You don’t want your bread to have it not rise, so get some water in there. A scoop of salt, scoop of sugar, with a regular old tablespoon – you can make great food from just regular items. 

Speaking of the water, you’re going to want to have your water warm. Keep it warm. You’ll note we said “warm.” We didn’t say hot. You don’t want hot water because it’ll kill the yeast. Warm water will activate the yeast. 

The Difference With Sheepherder’s Bread 

Remember, this isn’t like other kinds of bread. It’s Sheepherder’s bread. As such, you don’t need to measure out the flour. Rather, just eyeball it. Dump a bunch in there. In our video, we basically do about 40 ounces. Add the salt, add the sugar, and mix it well with a whisker. 

How Can I Tell If the Yeast is Active? 

Simple: by when it’s bubbling. While you’ve been doing the step mentioned in the last section, the yeast probably started bubbling. You may want to add just a tick more water. Then put it all together. Adding more water is OK. 

Homemade Bread 

Then, mix it all up. Speaking of mixing it, wash your hands. Why? Because, well, if you’re following the amounts listed on our site here, you’re going to be making a lot of this so you’re going to want to mix it all with your hands. Get in there. Truthfully, doing so can be quite a bit of fun. Work the dough around. 

Get It Consolidated 

Once you’ve roughed up all the edges and gotten it consolidated, take some more flour and then shake it all over your table for kneading. Then, knead that dough. Once you’ve done that, knead that dough. If you believe that you’ve done enough kneading of the dough, then it’s time to knead that dough. This is where the real work comes in.

smokehouse pellets

Smokehouse Pellets for Great Recipes All Year Long 

This takes a while to cook, usually multiple hours. Of course, during that time, you can check out many of the other recipes that we have on our site. To get the best in grilling no matter what time of year it is, you can buy our pellets. 

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