New Grilling Pellets and New Ways to Enjoy Them

grilling pellets

Are you looking for some new recipes to use for your pellet grill? Have you been seeking out the highest-quality grilling pellets? Here at Knotty Wood, we recently unveiled perhaps our best pellets yet, the “Competition” blend. Exactly what it sounds like, this is a blend of our Almond Wood and our Plum Wood for our most balanced flavor. All of our pellets go with certain dishes. These are some of the dishes that go with our newest flavors. 

Hot Honey Wings-Grilled Hot Honey Wings Recipe 

We don’t believe that, when it comes to wings, you should have to choose between “sweet” and “spicy.” So, this recipe makes for the best of both worlds here, too. The two to three tablespoons of our Knotty Wood Honey will give these wings plenty of delicious, sweet honey flavor. 

To make sure that the “hot” part comes true, the recipe calls for curry, Cayenne pepper, black pepper, and a half cup of our Knotty Rub. With all of that, these wings bring a delicious kind of sweet heat. 

Some tips here to keep in mind: you’re going to want to place the wings (once they’ve been cut and seasoned) directly onto the grill grates themselves. And, of course, you’re going to want to use our Plummond Competition Blend Pellets, too. 

Sweet and Spicy Short Ribs

Wings, of course, aren’t the only dish that can be as sweet as it is spicy. Case in point, our “Sweet and Spicy Short Ribs” go long on taste. The sweet jalapenos go a long way towards making that happen, of course, as does the quartered medium onion, the half cup of Knotty Rub, and the freshly ground black pepper. Our Plummond Competition pellets, as they do with so many other dishes, bring a balanced flavor. 

This is one of our more popular recent dishes for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s so easy to make. Sure, it’ll take about five hours, but it’s low impact and easy to make. This is perfect for when you know you have a big dinner coming but also a busy day of work. 

Steak Bites that Go Beyond 

In addition to our Plummond Competition Blend Pellets, we also recommend that you use the original Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce for these. Unlike some of the other recipes that we’ve mentioned here, these can be cooked quickly. This is a short recipe. If you have an event, for example, and more folks than you thought, come, this is a great way to cook something delicious in a hurry. 

 grilling pellets

Grilling Pellets for Every Dish 

These are just some of the recipes that our Plummond Competition Blend pellets make better. There are many, many others. You can find a lengthy list on our site. By that same token, you can find our pellets at our site, yes, but you can also find them through Lowe’s and The Home Depot as well. 

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