Perhaps Our Best BBQ Pellets Yet

best bbq pellets

Have you been looking for a higher caliber of BBQ pellet? Do you want the highest quality BBQ pellet for your grill? Here at Knotty Wood, we’ve been making pellets for a long time now. In that time, we’ve been grateful to hear from so many of our satisfied customers about what they want. Now, we’re proud to offer what we believe are our best BBQ pellets yet: our Competition Blend. 

You Wanted Them, We Made Them 

In the past, we offered just Almond Wood and Plum Wood pellets. We were so glad to see these embraced by our customers. Yet, one thing that customers would ask is for a combination, a way to blend the flavor profiles. That’s just part of what this blend is meant to be. 

When we sat down to make these pellets, we wanted them to be the best combination possible. So, we didn’t release them until they were the right blend of the Almond’s mild, nutty flavor and the Plum’s light sweetness. Together, they give your grilling a real balance, a true best of both worlds.  

For Professionals, for Your Table 

You can call these the “Plummond” pellets (as they’re a mix of “Plum” and “Almond”), but, you can also see that they’re called “Competition” pellets, too. That’s because these are the pellets used by those who compete in grilling competitions.

In those kinds of contests, every detail matters. Professionals have to do everything that they can to give themselves an advantage. Hence, they have to use the best possible pellets. Which, of course, is exactly what we made these to be. 

That said, you don’t have to be in the midst of a competition to use these pellets for your grilling, of course. They’re just as good for your friend, family, and you as they would be for any judge. 

What They (Don’t) Have 

We’ve told you what these pellets contain, but it’s also important to cover what they don’t have, too. Specifically, they don’t have any additives, substitutes, oils, filters, or all of the other nonsense that some companies will put into their pellets to make it seem like they’re offering more than they are. 

The truth is that the wood pellet industry is entirely unregulated. As such, companies can sell pellets containing floor scraps, waste wood with unknown origins, You’ll never find any of that with our pellets. Not in the slightest. Ours are 100% pure and natural. 

best bbq pellets

Best BBQ Pellets for Your Dish

There are plenty of recipes where the best pellets are, of course, going to be these Competition Plummond ones. But, we understand that all tastes are different, some recipes require different kinds of pellets. That is why we offer all of our different pellets (in addition to the rub). 

You can find them through our site or through the site for The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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