Smokehouse Pellets Tailgating Advice: Win Before the Game Starts

smokehouse pellets

Do you want to have the best tailgate ever? With everything on the line in the big game, do you want to be able to serve the biggest and best feast? Whether you’re tailgating the conference championship game or the big game in the backyard, you can use your pellet grill to make some of the best gameday (or any other day) dishes around. Below are some of our tips for making your tailgate a winner, regardless of what happens on the field. As always, the winning play is to use our smokehouse pellets to take your tailgate to a higher level. 

Go In With a Plan 

Tailgating is the kind of thing that, no matter how many times you do it, it helps to be prepared. The more you can plan the menu ahead of time, the better. In fact, many of the most experienced tailgate folks prep the meat the night before (if not multiple nights before). 

Even if you have tables, chairs, utensils, and the like, most folks are going to stand around eating. Thus, you give yourself the best chance at success by cooking the kinds of foods that people can eat with their hands, without having to use a knife and fork. Wings. Salsa. Steak bites. And so forth. You can find plenty of great recipes at proven tailgate performing recipes at our site. 

“A Game of Attrition” – Have More Than You Need 

One of the oldest football cliches is that it’s “a game of attrition.” Players get hurt, bad things happen, and you can lose the resources you have at any time. That can happen with tailgating, too, so it makes sense to bring a bit more than you need. 

You never know when folks (even folks you know) are going to walk off with plates, utensils, even chairs. The more disposable implements you can use, the better. 

The same goes for your wood pellets when you’re cooking, too. This is still winter. As such, it may require more wood pellets to get your pellet grill as hot as you want. Act accordingly. 

First On the Field and Last Off Of It 

Tailgating can be an absolute blast. No matter whether your team wins or loses, tailgating can make the kinds of memories that last a lifetime. To really do it right, some of the best tailgaters get to the parking lot (or wherever the spot is) hours before the game, sometimes three to four hours. 

That way, they can get everything set up, they can make sure nothing is rushed, they can really enjoy every aspect of it. 

smokehouse pellets

Smokehouse Pellets for Every Season

To really enjoy every aspect of your food, our pellets are here to help. We have pellets to fit just about every recipe you could want, whether it’s before the game, after the game, or any other time of year. You can get our pellets through our site, or through Lowe’s and The Home Depot. 

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