Is Almond Wood for Sale Near Me a Good Wood for Cooking?

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The almond wood for sale “near me” is one of the firewood options you can use for cooking. It’s not the top choice for many. However, it’s one of the longest-running options. But is it a good option to give your meat a great flavor? 

Almond Wood for Sale “Near Me” for the Best Flavor 

Knotty Wood Barbecue Company is just one of the few companies that offer 100% almond wood. Others offer a mixture of other wood types and materials. They are also created to ensure that you get the best flavor for your smoky meats or seafood. When it comes to using almond wood for cooking, do you need to season it? 

Seasoning Time for Almond Wood 

Compared to hardwoods, almond wood is seasoned quickly. It requires at least six months. Other almond wood needs a year of seasoning. But not more than a year, though. Seasoning is necessary. In fact, according to Agriculture and Life Sciences, “Using properly seasoned wood to smoke barbecue is one of the keys to having great flavored meat… One of the points that Dr. Nick makes is that it is important to use seasoned wood when smoking. When green wood is used, so much of the fire is required to drive off moisture during the burning process, and along with this is where some of the undesirable flavor compounds are generated.”

Should You Worry About the Sap Content of Almond Wood? 

Almond may be considered a fruit tree, which is high in sap to provide nutrients for the growing fruit. But the almond tree has little sap when you harvest it. Thus, it becomes ideal firewood. Keep in mind that hardwood that contains a lot of sap can be difficult to burn. Furthermore, when you burn sap, you’re creating an unpleasant odor and strong flavor. 

Excellent Option for Outdoor Fire 

Another reason many grillmasters choose almond firewood for grilling or smoking is that this wood creates a clean-burning fire. It creates little smoke, making it an outstanding option for outdoor fires. Furthermore, it doesn’t form creosote. But if you choose the unseasoned almond wood, it creates more creosote and smoke. 

What’s the Smell Like? 

If you wish to produce sweet flavor for your meat or seafood, almond wood is your best option. It produces a sweet and nutty odor when you burn it. The odor is different from the scent when you first cut it. Seasoned firewood produces a roasted, sweet scent. The fragrance that it emits is gentle, unlike when you burn cherry or other fruitwoods. In that case, the scent is just enough and not too powerful. If you’re sensitive to smell, then this is the right option for you. 

Where to Purchase Almond Wood? 

You don’t need to use Google to help you find almond wood for sale “near me.” Just type in to start browsing our BBQwood products. 

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