Barbecue Pellets For Grilling And Smoking

Barbecue Pellet

Barbecue pellet is not created equal. Some pellets have additives. Others are created using basswood blends. The latter option is perfected by well-experienced craftsmen over the years. The mixture allows the flavors and aroma of the wood to shine while still offering consistent burn performance. 

Adding a Significant Flavor Boost Using Barbecue Pellet 

The pellet you use can add flavor to the meat or seafood you’re cooking. However, the flavor depends on the pellet. For instance, if you’re using an almond wood pellet, this will bring out the sweetness in pork or chicken. But, as mentioned, choose pellets with no additives and binders. Instead, opt for pure hardwood to get that mouthwatering flavor you’re looking for. 

How Long Do You Have to Wait for the Pellet to Start Up? 

It depends on your grill or smoker. If you have a newer grill, it will have a faster lighting time. The average time is between three and five minutes. But other factors can affect the lighting time. However, the lighting time isn’t that significant, for many. The major issue of many is how to prevent from drying out when using wood pellets. 

Things to Consider 

The type of wood you’re using for grilling or smoking is vital. However, it’s not the only factor to consider. Keep in mind that other elements can affect how the food will taste after cooking. 

Marinate It 

Before you even grill or smoke the meat, make sure that you marinate it for 24 hours to prevent it from drying out. You don’t need a sophisticated marinade, though. All you need is to mix vinegar, seasoning, and juice. Soak the meat for 24 hours and smoke it. The marinade adds flavor to the meat and the flavored pellet will intensify the flavor. 

The Ratio of Meat to Pellet 

When you purchase a bbq pellet, you can read the instructions on the number of smoking or grilling pellets to use. This is vital to prevent the meat from drying out. Using an excessive amount of heat can increase the internal temperature causing the meat to dry out completely, thereby, losing its flavor. According to this ThermoWorks, “the amount of moisture lost in meat increases dramatically once its internal temperature reaches 150°F (66°C).”

Wrap the Meat 

It may be necessary to prevent the meat from drying out. Wrapping it will cause the moisture from the meat to remain trapped inside. Of course, some of the moisture will escape through the cracks. But most will stay in the meat. However, you need to completely cover the meat to reduce the loss of moisture. 

Best Quality Meat 

There are variables that you have to consider to obtain the best-flavored meat after grilling or smoking. Marinating it is one of them. But you also need to consider the wood you use to grill or smoke it. For the best quality barbecue pellet, please visit our online store today. 

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