Plum Wood Gives Smoked Barbeque a Special and Unique Smoky Flavor

Smoky flavor

One of the most important elements in creating the best smoked flavor while grilling is the kind of wood pellets the barbecue grill master chooses to use.

Plum wood is sometimes regarded as the preferred option for producing the best-tasting smoky flavor barbecue – a signature smoke flavor that is hard to forget.

Known for its bolder flavor, plum wood is perfect for adding subtle layers of smoky essence to beef, poultry, pork, fish, and other barbequed foods. 

A Smoky Flavor Makes Barbecuing an Art

Barbecue has been smoked, using smokers and grills, for centuries. Cooks use several types of wood to produce one of several distinctive smoke flavors. One of the most popular options that our Knotty Wood customers love are the plum wood pellets. 

That’s because the wood conveys a bolder smokiness that also infuses food with a sweet and fruity flavor. 

So, what exactly makes this wood stand out? What makes it truly unique?

Plum wood has a distinctive flavor profile – sweet yet complex. 

The Key to Plum Wood Smoky Tastiness

The key to getting the best flavor out of a smoked plum wood meat is to cook it very slowly over a low heat. Doing so ensures that the wood’s smoky flavor will thoroughly infuse the meat. Cook the food for at least eight hours, setting the temperature at around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll get a great response from the people who dive into your barbecued entrees.

Plum Wood Smoked Barbeque Favorites

Plum wood pellets, when used for barbecuing, elevate the goodness of the following meats and foods.

1. Pork

The fruity undertones of plum wood smoke complement the natural sweetness found in pork. Therefore, you can use this type of smoking wood for pork cuts like pork shoulder and tenderloin and for barbecued meats like baby back ribs and pulled pork. The marbling in the meat means you won’t spend much if any time basting it.

2. Poultry

Chicken and turkey both benefit from the subtle and smoky sweetness that plum wood pellets produce. You can use the pellets for a whole bird or for cuts like a breast or thigh. The boldness of the smoked flavor enhances poultry without overpowering it. Marinade the meat with a fruit-based glaze to increase the taste.

3. Fish

If you love fish, you’ll also love the distinct smoky flavor plum wood lends to seafood. Use it when barbecuing salmon in a smoker. For a memorable salmon dish, brine salmon filets in a mix of sugar, salt, and water and a selection of your favorite herbs.

4. Veggies

You’ll love smoking veggies with plum wood pellets. You can cause meat lovers to devour vegetables like eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, asparagus, and mushrooms when you use these pellets. Smoke a medley of vegetables as a nutritious side dish to accompany your plum wood smoked meat entrees.

5. Cheese

You can also smoke cheese using plum wood pellets. Who doesn’t love cheese and who doesn’t appreciate smoked cheese? 

The bold smoked flavor of plum wood supports the flavors of a variety of cheeses, such as tangy cheddar, robust Gouda, creamed brie, and blue cheese. Place a cheese on a smoker-safe tray and smoke it for several hours to use as an appetizer with meals.

Smoky flavor

Give Your Smoked Food that Extra Special Taste Now

Plum wood gives the barbecue connoisseur a chance to create some fantastic culinary taste sensations – sensations that underscore the delicious goodness of gradually smoked foods and meat. Check out the pellets for yourself and make your barbecue foods stand out at your next outdoor cookout or hosted event.

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