Summertime Pellet Grill Baking: Almond Wood Pellets Advantages

Almond Wood Pellets

Have you been trying to get more out of your pellet grill? Did you know that your pellet grill can do more than just, well, grill? It’s true! Sure, it’s called a “pellet grill,” but you can actually use it to perform many other actions, including baking. As you well know, there’s nothing like a great baked dessert on a lovely summer day. That’s just one of the many benefits of our almond wood pellets. As they have a very mild smoke flavor, they’re perfect for helping to cook your summer desserts. 

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare 

When you’re grilling burgers for guests, what do you do? If you’re like many, you prep the meat long before anyone arrives. That way, when the time comes, you can just throw them on the grill. The same applies for desserts, too. If you’re going to do some baking on the grill, it is helpful to put everything together ahead of time. That way, you can simply put the desserts on the grill during the main course so they’re ready for after. 

Almond Wood Pellets


What Bakes Best in a Pellet Grill 

Yes, you can bake cakes and custards in your pellet grill. However, for the best results, many of our customers tell us that they can tend to cook pies, cheesecake, and pie crusts. That said, you don’t just have to use your pellet grill to make pies. In fact, we’ve had great success in baking bread, cookies, crisps, brownies, and so much more. It may seem paradoxical to bake on your grill, but it can lead to some truly delicious desserts. 

For High-Quality Results, Use Low-Sided Pans 

Pellet grills utilize a kind of convection process to bake your food. That’s why, when possible, we recommend that you try grilling with pans that have “low” sides. In this context, we’re defining “low sides” as “lower than what you would traditionally see in most pans.” Why use these? Because that way, the air that’s generated through the convection process can cover more of the surface area of your food. That can lead to better overall, more even cooking. 

Almond Wood Pellets and More 

Of course, as you know if you’ve used your pellet grill, it truly is the pellet that makes the grilling. Thus, we strongly recommend our almond wood pellets for baking desserts. Yes, they have a milder smoke flavor than our Plum pellets, which can lead to the best results. Additionally, that mild almond flavor can add so much to the flavor of your desserts. You can find our pellets at Home Depot online or through our site. Happy baking! 

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