Wood Barbecue Tips for Late Summer

Wood Barbecue

Have you been trying to get the most out of summer? Do you want to have the best grilling experience before autumn arrives? We figure that’s most of you. There’s never a bad time to use your pellet grill, of course, but there’s something special about late summer. An outdoor wood barbecue with your friends and family as the leaves begin to change – there’s nothing like it. Here’s a few  tips to help you get the most out of these dog days of summer. 

Don’t Do It in the Sunlight When It’s Hot 

Grilling in the summer sun is what it’s all about. However, if you’re like most folks, you keep your pellet grill outside rain or shine. Should that be the case, get the right cover. Whether it’s going to cover just your grill or your patio in general, a cover is always the way to go. Why? Because, as nourishing as that sunshine can be, over time, it can weaken and harm your grill. Moreover, a cover keeps anyone you don’t want in your grill out of it (wasps and other unwanted guests). 

Desserts: Always Your Friend 

On a blisteringly hot day, not everyone may want sizzling smoked meats (hard as that may be to believe). Or, alternatively, perhaps they’d want an alternative to said smoked meats. Your pellet grill can help here too. At our site, we have the sorts of desserts that are delicious enough to be had on their own (and not just as a dessert). Case in point: this apricot crisp. It goes well with scorching hot summer days as well as vanilla ice cream. 

Stay Hydrated (the Right Way) 

Of course, you can’t live on just desserts alone. Staying hydrated is important. This is especially true if you’re at an outdoor BBQ or party in the sun, where it’s easy to get overheated and dehydrated when you’re just trying to have a good time. Fortunately, this is one more area where a pellet grill can step up. If you’re going to enjoy an adult beverage, a pellet grill can help. You can use it to smoke olives or other kinds of garnishes. You can also use it to smoke a “swizzle stick” or another sort of stirrer. 

Wood Barbecue

Wood Barbecue Year Round 

Even after the calendar flips from August to September, from Summer to Fall, there’s still plenty of grilling to be had. The truth is that, with a pellet smoker, there’s nothing keeping you from grilling how you want and when you want. Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s – grilling can always be on the menu. For the best grilling pellets no matter what you’re eating, we can help. 


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