The Best Pellets for Ribs, Brisket, and Any Other Grilling Meat

Pellets for Ribs

Have you been looking for a way to make your smoked ribs better? When it comes to your grilling, are you unwilling to settle for anything less than the very best? Then you need Knotty Wood BBQ pellets.  When we created our 100% Pure Almond & 100% Pure Plum BBQ pellets, we wanted to create a pellet that stood out from the rest.  Today, we’re proud to offer the best pellets for ribs, brisket, and any other kind of meat you grill. 

We’re the Only Manufacturer that Makes Pellets from the Field Straight to Your BBQ

Sure, you can find other kinds of bbq pellets that are full of additives, oils, and who knows what else. Knotty Wood BBQ pellets are 100% pure hardwood and nothing else. We’re the only manufacturers who oversee the entire pellet-making process, from harvesting the trees until they go into your hopper. Our pellets are 100% wood, and nothing else. Our pellets use both the hardwood of the tree as well as the bark (where the heat and the flavor are). 

The Best Parts of the Wood and Nothing Else 

You’ll get top-quality wood in our pellets and most importantly, you won’t find anything else mixed in. There are no oils in our pellets or additives. A dirty secret in the BBQ pellet industry is that many companies will put vegetable oils or other kinds of oils for lubrication and artificial flavor. One main reason they do this is for the lubrication of their processing machines. The lubricated pellets create less wear on their machines, helping their profit margins considerably. We don’t do that. Yes, our pelleting process is hard work, but it leads to a much higher quality pellet all around.  

A Pellet Unlike Any Other 

The denser the pellet, the longer it will burn. So, we wanted to create the densest pellets possible. Through hard work, we were able to do that. The pellets that we offer have, on a scale of 100, a 99.7 “PDI,” (“Pellet Density Index”). As you might imagine, that’s the highest PDI on the market. How do we do this? By using the entire tree, bark, and all. There are naturally occurring parts of the wood some are unfamiliar with called “lignin.” These lignin bind parts of the pellet together, thus making the wood much better for pellets. 

The Best Pellets for Ribs and What You’re Eating 

Like so many, we’re always looking for ways to eat healthier, to eat simpler, without all of the artificial additives that have been added to so many of today’s food products. To that end, our pellets are only 100% wood and bark. No fillers, oils, or additives, ever! To experience what our pellets can do you, you can buy them through our site, online retailers such as, and elsewhere. 

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