What Sets Our Almond Wood Pellets Apart

Almond Wood Pellets

Have you been looking for a way to get more flavor into your BBQ? Are you looking for something that goes beyond other ways to boost your BBQ? Our almond wood pellets have helped so many to add an irresistible flavor to their barbeque, taking everything to a higher level. We aren’t just telling you this, these aren’t made overseas or anything like that. We smoke and grill with these pellets practically every day of the year for many reasons. 

The Perfect Flavor for Your Protein 

One question we’re often asked is some version of: “so, what kind of grilling are your pellets best for?” The truthful answer to this is another question: “what are you grilling?” Because these pellets are perfect for just about everything: all meats, veggies, and more. See, our pellets are essentially a perfect high heat source. So, they can give you that low and slow smoking you may be looking for or they can give you a beautiful sear, too. They are made of almond wood, so they have this mild but obvious sweet and even nutty flavor that goes with anything you’re grilling. 

A Burn that Cooks, a Burn that Lasts 

Our pellets are as dense as it gets. On a scale of 100, their density is rated at 99.7. The denser a pellet, the hotter and cleaner it can burn. So, with this, you’ll be able to get more cooking hours per pound out of our pellets than you will out of other pellets on the market. That not only means that you’re getting better cooking, of course, but you’re getting more “bang for your buck” so to speak out of our pellets. 

Better Wood for Better Food 

The wood pellet industry is entirely unregulated. So, that could mean that the wood you’re cooking with could better be described as, well, “wood.” It could have the remnants of furniture, it could have scraps of flooring, there’s literally no way to tell. That’s why we keep all of that out of our pellets. We source all of our almond wood directly from the orchard. Through that, with our pellets, you’re only getting 100% wood and bark. There’s nothing else in there, no oils, no fillers, substitutes, additives, or anything else that isn’t wood and bark. 

Almond Wood Pellets from the Field to Your Meal 

We take great pride in overseeing every step of the BBQ pellet process. First, we work with the growers to source the best wood possible. Then, that wood is harvested and ground right here in our orchard. After that’s done, the pellets are crafted in our custom mill on the family farm. We even oversee the final step, packaging and distributing the pellets to you. Sure, it may not be time for grilling outside all that often in plenty of parts of the country right now, but there’s nothing like great BBQ with the people that matter to you. To buy these pellets, you can do so at Home Depot, other stores, or through our site. 

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