The Use of Almond Wood Pellets to Get the Best Smoky Flavors

Almond Wood Pellets

If there’s smoke, there’s always flavor. And if you want to get a sweet, mouth-watering flavor, you should try almond wood pellets. They are perfect for grilling or smoking pork ribs, salt, salmon, and turkey, among others. This wood pellet has a distinct flavor that works with any type of dish.

Cooking with Almond Wood Pellets

When you choose to cook with smoke, you should seriously consider not just the ingredients but also the pellets. The wood flavor can make a big difference to your dish. However, you still need to get a nice balance between the seasonings, smoke, and food. Keep in mind that the wrong smoke can easily ruin the barbecue. 

Smoked Foods for Flavor and Comfort

There’s an increased interest in cooking with wood. The purpose of it is to slowly cook the food. But that’s not all as the smoke can add flavor to meat, poultry, or seafood. Wood-fired experts often choose to use two types of woods to help them obtain two-dimensional flavors. They would mix and match two wood flavors. For instance, they can use mesquite for its boldness while almond wood for its mild nutty flavor.

Are All Woods Ideal for Smoker or Grill?

Unfortunately, not all varieties of hardwood can be used for the smoker or grill. Instead, you should only use woods that are low in resin because they are definitely high in flavor. But you also need to consider the wood’s quality. It matters a lot as it can affect the overall flavor of the food. The best wood pellets come from woods that feel heavy for their size. The heaviness is a sign that it’s fresh for smoking. Don’t opt for dry wood as it burns too fast. As a result, it smokes too much, thereby, affecting the flavor of the food.

Where to Buy Wood Pellets?

It’s easier to purchase wood for smoking. However, if you’re looking for almond wood pellets, you might have a hard time looking for some bags. The reason for this is that almond wood pellets are difficult to produce. And Knotty Wood Barbecue understands this difficulty. That’s why it has produced bags of high-quality almond wood pellets from its own backyard in Woodland, California. 

Almond Wood Pellets

Clean Sweet Smoke

One of the best things about almond wood pellets is that they provide clean, sweet smoke. The heat is also long-lasting. Turning almond wood into a pellet can be quite difficult. There’s no single mill that could do it. But Knotty Wood Barbecue Company built its own. 

The company makes natural almond wood barbecue pellets every day. This family-owned company works with growers to find the wood, harvest it, and grind it in the orchard. The company also oversees packaging and distribution.

Thus, if you wish for 100% pure almond wood pellets with no fillers or additives, then make sure to shop here.

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