Why Shop for Barbecue Pellets?

Barbecue Pellet

Perhaps, you have tried BBQ during a picnic. Or you have smelled the delicious food that came off the grates from your neighbor’s pellet grill. So you bought your own pellet grill. You might have tried ordinary woods for the grill or even charcoal. But you’re convinced that if you were to use a barbecue pellet, you would get amazing results.

Do Barbecue Pellets Really Produce Amazing Results?

The short answer is yes. Wood pellets just give the meats and veggies a delicious, wood-smoked flavor. There’s no replacement for the flavor you can get from smoking. Most people who grew up eating barbecue made by their parents know that the smoke can give the food distinct, unique flavor. 

How to Choose the Best Smoking Pellets?

Wood pellets can affect the food you’re grilling or smoking. You might think that they are all the same because they look alike. Unfortunately, they aren’t the same. The pellets you choose can make a huge difference to the food you’re cooking. Pellets come in various flavors, from the usual suspects such as apple, cherry, and hickory to almond, peach, and pecan. Every variety has its own taste. If you want to produce mildly sweet food, you can opt for an almond wood pellet.

The Flavor

You might be hesitant to use wood pellets. But if you want to serve delicious BBQ, consider wood pellets. They can produce intense smoke that seals in the moisture. They can also add irresistible smoky flavor to your food. Compared to wood chips, pellets can provide you with more weight. 

When shopping for the best wood pellets, it’s important to know what type of food you’re smoking. You should also make sure that you choose food-grade pellets because they are made with high-quality wood that won’t diminish the food’s flavor. 

Should You Choose Blend or 100% Flavored Wood?

The flavor of the pellets can be divided into flavor blends or singular flavors. Opting for 100% pure wood will give you purity. Flavor blends, on the other hand, are less expensive. However, they typically have fillers. Unfortunately, they tend to produce a lower quality result. 

The Type of Food to Grill

The appropriate wood pellet flavor will also depend on the food you’re smoking. Beef can do well with pecan and mesquite, as well as almond. Apple and fruit blend wood pellets are great for poultry. 

The Smoker

Another thing to consider when shopping for barbecue pellets is the smoker. Most wood pellets can work with any type of grills or smokers. However, some of them can only work with one or two. 


Barbecue Pellet

Where to Buy the Best Barbecue Pellet?

You can shop for almond wood pellets at Knotty Wood Barbecue. The company’s pellets are available in various local stores. When you purchase barbecue pellet from Knotty Wood, you’re supporting local retailers. The company offers 100% pure and natural almond wood barbecue pellets. If you’re having a difficult time looking for almond wood pellets, then head over to knottywoodbbq.com to order a bag. 

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