The Secret to Making Mouth-Watering Ribs

Best Pellets for Ribs

All of us want to eat juicy and smoky  ribs. You can always go to your favorite restaurant to order delicious smoked ribs. But if you go there frequently, the cost can add up. Now, if you have a smoker or a grill at home, you could simply make flavorsome smoked ribs by using the best pellets for ribs.

Use the Best Pellets for Ribs 

The secret of making delicious ribs is in the smoke and the wood being used. If you want to add a specific flavor to your ribs, don’t just focus on the seasoning. You also need to consider the flavor of the pellets to make it happen. You can’t use any wood chips. Rather, you need to use 100% hardwood pellets without fillers. They can guarantee you get the great smoke flavor. 

What woods to use for smoking? The Culinary Institute of America recommendsHard, fruit or nut woods are preferred. All woods impart a slightly different flavor of their own. Wood is available in sawdust, chip/nugget, and chunk form (use the form recommended by the manufacturer of the smokehouse).”

Choose Butcher Quality Meat

Even if you use the best pellets or seasoning, you still won’t get amazing results if you use the cheapest meat from the grocery store. Instead, you need to choose butcher quality meat. In that case, go to a local meat shop and grab yourself fresh, great cuts.

Pick a Dry Rub

Besides the pellets, you also need to use a dry rub to ensure the flavor seeps into the meat. The rub can be salt, and pepper, or you can try our Knotty Rub. Make sure to be generous with the rub. Coat both sides of the meat. After wrapping, place the ribs in the fridge. The meat can stay in the fridge for a few hours or you can let it stay overnight. 

How Long to Cook the Ribs?

You need to prepare the pellet grill. Make sure that it is at the right temperature before you place racks of ribs on the grill. Leave them on the grill for three hours. It’s important to note that baby back ribs can take 1 hour longer than spare ribs to cook. You should always wrap the meat with foil to prevent it from becoming black. It also ensures that the moisture is intact while the ribs are being cooked. This method gives you the best results.

Best Pellets for Ribs

Choose Where to Buy the Pellets

Since the pellets matter a lot in giving you amazing results, you need to ensure that you obtain them from a reputable source. The Knotty Wood Barbecue Company sources its pellets from local grocers. To shop for the best pellets for ribs, make sure to visit our online shop here.

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