What are the Best BBQ Pellets to Buy?

Best BBQ Pellets

If you’re fond of hosting a BBQ party every weekend or once a month, you need to invest in a good wood pellet griller. Now, after purchasing one, there’s one big question you need to answer — what are the best BBQ pellets you must buy? You’re going to know the answer if you keep reading.

What are the Best BBQ Pellets?

The answer will depend on various factors, such as the food you’re grilling and the pellets you prefer. For instance, some BBQ masters are using almond wood pellets when they are grilling pizza. Others prefer hickory pellets to smoke meat. Listed below are some of the things you can do to choose the best pellet flavor for the food you’re grilling. 

Understand the Pellet Flavor

In this case, you need to experiment with different pellets to get a better idea of how each pellet’s flavor is going to be. If you want intense flavor, you can choose almond wood, hickory, or cherry pellets. Thus, if you wish your smoked ingredients to be infused with such flavor, then opt for one of them. 

But if you want a subtle flavor, pecan and apple pellets are great alternatives. According to this book, “These pellets possess a smoky, mild, sweet, flavor. They can enhance mild meat and are usually the go-to- flavor for cooking pork or poultry. Despite being able to produce great smoke, these pellets are very mild.”

Stock on a Few Pellet Flavors

If you’re overwhelmed by the brands and flavors available, you can choose to stock a few of them. Or you can choose to keep these five around: 

  • Apple
  • Pecan 
  • Almond
  • Hickory 
  • Mesquite

However, if you need to choose one from the 5 pellets, be sure to pick almond wood. It’s difficult to find. But Knotty Wood Barbecue Company stocks up on these pellets so you don’t need to wonder where to find them. 

Find Out How Long the Food will be in the Smoke 

As mentioned, each pellet has unique flavors. If you’re going to whip some fast veggie kebabs, you might consider using mild flavors. The smoke won’t take much hold. The pellet of choice is vital if the food is going to be on the grill a lot longer.

Grab Almond Pellet

The best pellet for BBQ in any meat will come from almond pellets. Thus, if you wish to get those smoke rings, you must have almond pellet bags in your house.

Best BBQ Pellets

Mix and Match

When it comes to bbq pellets, there are no right and wrong options. If you can’t find the right pellets for smoking your seafood, veggies, or meat, you can just mix and match wood pellets. Keep in mind that many pitmasters love to mix wood pellets to give their foods a unique flavor. 

However, if you wish to stick with the best bbq pellets, please head over to our shop and browse our products. When you purchase our pellets, you’re supporting our veterans and their families. Every time you purchase a bag, a portion of it will go to the servicemen and women.

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